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Installation and Test Run of Overhead Cranes in Thailand

Good news! Two sets of Aicrane overhead cranes have been successfully installed in Thailand, one is AQ-LD 5 ton overhead crane and the other is AQ-LH 15 ton double girder hoist overhead crane. These two overhead cranes have the same span of 11.25m. They are mainly used for handling turbine and generator to facilitate the maintenance work in the factory.

5 ton overhead crane for Thailand
5 ton overhead crane for Thailand

Installation of the 5 ton Overhead Crane and 15 ton Overhead Crane

We provide both online installation and on-site installation for the customers. As this customer required, we provided the online installstion guidance to help them complete the crane installation, and the whole installation process went smoothly as the customer expected.

5ton and 15ton overhead cranes installation
5ton and 15ton overhead cranes installation
overhead cranes installation in Thailand
overhead cranes installation in Thailand

Test Run of the Overhead Cranes on Site

After the installation, the customer did the test run of the two overhead bridge crane, and these two overhead crane are in good condition. We believe that the work efficiency will be greatly improved with the help of the cranes. Get to know the test run of the 5 ton crane and 15 ton crane via the following video.

Aicrane Overhead Crane Solutions for Thailand

We have been in overhead crane industry for many years and we have many customers from different countries and regions. For the customers in Thailand, we mainly provide single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, top running overhead crane, underhung crane, explosion proof overhead crane, grab crane, metallurgical crane and so on.

We recommend the suitable crane solutions to our customers according to their actural working conditions, requirements and budgets etc. If you are from Thailand and are looking for an overhead bridge crane now for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact Aicrane to get your customized overhead crane to meet all your work needs and in the range of the budget.

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