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Marine Electric Winch

A marine electric winch is a type of winching system used on ships, boats, and vessels for various lifting, pulling, mooring or positioning operations. The electric power source distinguishes it from other types of winches that may be hydraulically or manually powered. The marine electric winches are designed to provide controlled and efficient operation, making them versatile tools in the maritime industry. Aicrane provides tailor-made winch solutions to suit specific needs.

winch system
marine electric winch solution

Marine Electric Winch Types and Applications

We provide different types of marine electric winches to match different marine tasks, mainly including anchoring, mooring, towing and positioning. According to drum configurations, the electric marine winches can be single drum winch or double drum winch. We design and manufacture the marine winches stricly conform with customers’ requirements and actural working conditions.

Marine Electric Anchor Winch

A marine electric anchor winch is a device used on boats and ships to assist in the deployment and retrieval of anchors. It is an electrically powered mechanism designed to make anchoring easier and more efficient. Using an electric anchor winch can save time and effort when anchoring a boat, especially in situations where precision and control are essential.

anchor winch for sale
electric anchor chain winch
electric anchor winch
electric anchor rope winch

Marine Electric Mooring Winch

A marine electric mooring is generally used on boats and ships for the purpose of securing the vessel to a dock or other fixed structure. Mooring electric winches are crucial for safely holding a vessel in place, especially during loading/unloading operations, waiting periods, or when the vessel is not in motion. Using an electric mooring winch makes it easier for vessels to secure themselves in various maritime environments.

electric mooring winch
electric single drum mooring winch
electric double drum mooring winch
electric double drum mooring winch

self tension winch system
automatic tension mooring winch system

Marine Electric Towing Winch

A marine electric towing winch is mainly used on ships for towing or pulling other vessels, structures, or objects. Electric towing winches are essential for various maritime operations, including towing disabled vessels, assisting with ship maneuvers, or pulling floating structures.

electric winch for towing
electric winch for towing
electric towing winch
electric towing winch

winch used on a tugboat
winch for towing application

Single Drum Electric Marine Winch

A single drum marine electric winch is a specific type of winch used on vessels for various lifting, pulling, or positioning operations. The single drum winch indicates that the winch has one drum or spool around which a cable or rope is wound. The electric power source allows for controlled and efficient operation.

winch in factory
single drum electric winch
electric combination winch
electric combination winch

Double Drum Electric Marine Winch

A double drum marine electric winch indicates that the winch has two separate drums or spools around which cables or ropes are wound. Double drum marine electric winches find applications in various marine activities where the ability to handle multiple loads or tasks concurrently is beneficial. Examples include offshore operations, anchor handling, towing, and other lifting or pulling tasks.

electric double drum winch for mooring
electric double drum winch
double drum electric winch
waterfall type double drum electric winch
marine winches used on ship
marine winches used on ship

In addition to these marine winches electric, we also have marine electric capstans, electric slipway winches and other types of winch machines. No matter what type of winch you need, you can just get a suitable one from Aicrane.

electric marine capstan
electric marine capstan
electric slipway winch
electric slipway winch

slipway winch solution for customers
slipway winch solution for customers

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Winch Cases

We have provided many marine winches for different customers and our marine electric winches for sale have been expanded to more and more countries and regions. With years of experience, our winch products have been highly recognized by our customers. Check the following cases for your reference.

Marine Electric Winch for UAE

One of our customers from UAE purchased two 5 ton electric marine winches and a 5ton marine capstan from our company. After using for some time, the customer told us these winches and capstan work efficiently and reliably on their boat, and they would buy more winches from Aicrane in the future. If you need such kind of winch for marine uses, you can check the detailed parameters of the winches for your reference.

marine winches electric for UAE
marine winches electric for UAE

Technical Parameters Of 5ton Marine Electric Winches

Model Marine Electric Winch
Load capacity 50 KN (1st layer)
Drum capacity φ18mmx300m (7layers)
Nominal speed 9m/min (1st layer)
Holding load 150KN (1st layer, static)
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3-phase
Brake Manual operated
electric marine winches and capstan
electric marine winches and capstan

60 ton Slipway Winch for Indonesia

After receiving this customer’s inquiry, we learnt that the customer needed a slipway winch for their shipyard to handle different boats ashore for maintenance. With thorough communication with the customer, we knew clearly about their work conditions and requirements, and we provided the 60 ton electric friction winch design for them. The customer was very satisfied with our solution and confirmed the order with us.

double drum winch
winch design

Winch Manufacturing in our Factory

When it came to the manufacturing stage, our customer-service team updated the production progress regularly for the customers to make sure that they knew details about the whole process. The customer said our service made them trust us more.

friction winch production
winch manufacturing
winch product in factory
winch ready for shipping

Winch Delivery from the Factory

winch delivery
winch delivery

Winch Installation in Indonesia

After arriving at the destination, the customer checked the whole winch machine and the accessories, and all were in good conditions. We provided online installation guidance to guarantee the smooth installation of the electric slipway with for them.

We have branch office in Indonesia to serve the local customers better. If you need a winch for Indonesia, Just get in touch with us for a suitable recommendation.

60 ton JMM friction winch in Indonesia
60 ton JMM friction winch in Indonesia
friction winch for Indonesia
friction winch installed in Indonesia

Currently, the winch has been put into use and works efficiently and safely without any problem. The customer said they would like to cooperate with us again in the future and we are looking forward to building the long-term cooperation with them soon.

Winch Selection Guide – Get A Suitable Winch Solution

Selecting the right winch matters a lot for various applications, from industrial lifting to marine operations. The diversity of winch types and specifications can be overwhelming, but with a comprehensive selection guide, you can choose a winch solution tailored to your needs. In this guide, we will walk you through key considerations and factors to ensure you get a suitable winch for your specific requirements.

  • Define Your Application Needs: Before delving into the technical details, clearly define the purpose of your winch. Whether it’s for lifting heavy loads in an industrial setting, anchoring on a boat, or towing applications, understanding your specific needs will guide the selection process.
  • Understanding Load Capacity: The load capacity of the winch is an important factor. Assess the maximum weight or force your winch will need to handle. Whether it’s for hoisting materials, towing boats, or lifting equipment, ensure the winch’s load capacity aligns with your intended application.
  • Consider Line Speed: Different applications require varying line speeds. Evaluate whether your priority is a faster line speed for efficiency or a slower speed for precision and control. The line speed should complement the intended use of the winch.
  • Power Source: Winches come in various power sources – electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic. Assess the availability of power sources at your location and the specific requirements of your application. Electric winches are common for versatility, hydraulic for heavy-duty tasks, and pneumatic for explosion-proof environments.
  • Factor in Environmental Conditions: Consider the environment in which the winch will operate. For outdoor or marine applications, ensure the winch is corrosion-resistant. If it will be exposed to harsh weather conditions, selecting a winch with appropriate durability features becomes essential.
  • Understand Duty Cycle: Evaluate how frequently and for how long the winch will be in operation. Different winches have varying duty cycles, and selecting one that aligns with your usage pattern ensures longevity and optimal performance.
  • Explore Safety Features: Safety should be a top priority. Look for winches with safety features such as overload protection, emergency stop functions, and fail-safe mechanisms. Understanding and prioritizing safety features contribute to a secure working environment.

winch solution for customer
winch solution for customer

Choose Aicrane – A Reliable Marine Winch Manufacturer

Aicrane, as a reliable and trusted marine winch manufacturer in the industry, offers a range of high-quality marine winches designed to meet the diverse needs of marine applications. Cooperating with us means you can get both quality winch products and professional services.

  • Proven Expertise and Experience: With years’ of experience in winch industry, we have accumulated much experience and provided many winch solutions for marine applications. Aicrane is a trusted partner for those who need winches for marine uses.
  • Comprehensive Range of Marine Winches: Aicrane offers a comprehensive range of marine winches, catering to diverse applications such as anchoring, mooring, positioning, towing, and more. Whether you operate a small vessel or a large ship, Aicrane provides tailored solutions that align with the unique requirements of your maritime operations.
  • Advanced Technology and Innovation: We are always trying to integrate the latest technologies to power efficiency, precision, and reliability in our winch production. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our winches are equipped to meet the challenges of modern maritime tasks.
  • Stringent Quality Control: We have strict quality control system during the whole manufacturing process. Every marine winch undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure durability, performance, and compliance with industry standards. This dedication to quality control guarantees that our winches can withstand the rigors of maritime environments, delivering consistent and reliable performance.
  • Customization Options: Recognizing that every maritime operation is unique, Aicrane provides customization options for the marine winches. Whether you require specific load capacities, line speeds, or safety features, we work closely with clients to tailor winch solutions that perfectly align with their unique needs and operational requirements.
  • One-stop Service and Support: Our company provides comprehensive services and support for clients whenever they need. Our services mainly including pre-sales service, sales service and after-sales service, from consultation to technical support, no matter what kind of service you need, you can just contact us.

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