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Marine Winch for Sale Philippines

As a professional winch manufacturer and supplier, we have exported many winches to various countries including Philippines. Our winch for sale Phillipines mainly consists of marine winch and construction winch. Different winch types are designed and produced to meet different work requirements.

Marine  Hydraulic Winch for Sale Philippines

The winch shown below is Aicrane 12ton marine winch for sale in Philippines, it is waterfall style, hydraulically driven and used for positioning function on ship.

winch for sale in Philippines
winch for sale in Philippines

Since it is our important market, we have branch office in Philippines in order to serve our clients better. Our winch price Philippines is very reasonable and competitive, and our clients recognize our winch quality and our professional after-sales service. We provide free training of installation, commissioning and we can also send our engineer to the site for installation guidance.

winch installation in Philippines
winch installation in Philippines

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Marine Electric Winch Philippines

In addition to hydraulic winch, we also have electric winch for sale Philippines. The electric winch shown below is our electric marine winch used for anchoring operations, it has single gypsy and the gypsy diameter is 97mm.

marine anchor winch for sale Philippines
marine anchor winch for sale Philippines

We have professional shipment department responsible for the winch product delivery to ensure the safe and punctual arriving of the winch.

winch delivery to Philippines
winch delivery to Philippines

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