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Mobile Gantry Crane

A mobile gantry crane is commonly used in manufacturing plant, maintenance workshop, construction site, prefab plant and other industrial facilities for lifting and moving heavy loads flexibly. Unlike traditional gantry cranes that are fixed in place, mobile gantry cranes are mounted on wheels or rubber tires, allowing them to travel and operate over a large area without the need for rails or fixed infrastructure. Get to know Aicrane mobile gantry crane solutions from the following parts.

rubber tyred gantry crane for the US
rubber tyred gantry crane for the US

Main Types of Mobile Gantry Crane

To suit various materials handling needs, mobile gantry cranes are designed and manufactured in different types and with different configurations. There are single girder and double girder mobile gantry cranes, and electric and hydraulic mobile lifting gantry cranes.

Classified according to girder structure

Single girder mobile gantry crane

A single girder mobile gantry is a type of gantry crane that features a single horizontal beam for lifting and moving loads. This crane is designed to be mobile, allowing for easy relocation within a facility or from one site to another.

single beam rtg crane with wire rope hoists
single beam crane with wire rope hoists
single beam rubber tyre crane with chain hoists
single beam rubber tyre mobile crane with chain hoists

Double girder mobile gantry crane

A double girder mobile gantry crane is equipped with two parallel horizontal beams that support the lifting mechanism. Double girders provide increased stability, strength, and load capacity compared to single girder cranes.

rtg crane with double trolleys
double girder A-frame crane
rtg crane with four chain hoists
double beam U-frame crane model

Classified according to power mode

DTL electric mobile gantry crane

A DTL electric mobile gantry crane refers to a specific type of electric-powered mobile lifing gantry crane commonly used for lifting and moving heavy loads in various industrial settings, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, workshops, construction sites, and more.

DTL single girder mobile gantry crane
DTL single girder mobile gantry
DTL double girder mobile gantry crane
DTL double girder mobile gantry

YTL hydraulic mobile gantry crane

A YTL hydraulic mobile gantry crane is powered by a hydraulic system that drives the lifting mechanism. Hydraulic cylinders are used to raise and lower the load, providing controlled and smooth lifting operations.  YTL rubber gantry cranes are versatile and suitable for various industries and applications where hydraulic lifting is preferred or required. They can be used indoors or outdoors based on operational needs.

hydraulic rubber tyred crane
single beam YTL mobile crane
double beam hydraulic rubber tire crane
double beam YTL gantry mobile crane

Mobile Gantry Crane for Sale in Different Countries

Aicrane mobile gantry crane for sale has expanded to more and more countries, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Nigeria and more. We are committed to providing high quality gantry cranes for our customers to help them improve efficiency and productivity and make the lifting work easier. While you are looking for a gantry crane now for your business, you can check the following cases for your reference.

4x15ton double beam gantry mobile crane for Nicaragua

This customer from Nicaragua told us they needed a gantry crane used in their factory to handle precast components. Knowing clearly about their actual work conditions, we provided a double beam mobile gantry crane, after several times of communication, the customer finally decided to purchase the double beam 4×15 ton mobile gantry crane equipped with four electric chain hoists as the lifting devices.

rubber gantry crane for Nicaragua
60 ton mobile gantry crane for Nicaragua
double beam rubber gantry crane for sale
double beam mobile rubber gantry crane for sale

The mobile lifting gantry has been completely installed and commissioned in their plant and works efficiently. The customer was very satisfied with our crane products and service, and then they ordered another rubber tyred crane from our company. We are looking forward to more cooperations with the customer in the near future.

mobile gantry crane installed in Nigaragua
mobile gantry crane installed in Nigaragua

YTL 40 ton rubber tyred mobile gantry crane for sale in USA

For this customer in the US, we offered a YTL hydraulic rubber tyred mobile gantry crane to meet theri requirements, the gantry crane will be used to tranfer different sizes of tanks in their factory. The load capacity of the gantry crane is 40 ton and its span is 19.8m. Before delivery, we made the whole tests of the crane and trolley in the factory to guarantee the reliable performance.

For the installation, we sent our engineer to the site for crane installation guidance as the customer required. With our help, the rubber 40 ton mobile crane for USA is being installed smoothly and safely.

YTL 40ton rubber mobile crane for US
YTL 40ton mobile gantry crane for US
rubber tyred crane testing
rubber tyred mobile crane testing

12.5t+12.5t DTL mobile gantry crane for sale in Russia

This Russian customer has a precast yard and manufactures prefabricated concrete components. They needed a gantry crane with high mobility to transfer different prefab concrete items in their plant from one location to another. In order to meet the high work efficiency and flexibility requirements, we provided a single beam 12.5t + 12.5t gantry mobile crane equipped with European standard electric hoists. Due to the large sizes of the items, we advised two gantry cranes work together to handle heavy components. The lifting capacity of the rubber tyred mobile gantry crane is 25 ton, the span is 6.9m and the lifting height is 6.2m.

25ton rubber gantry crane
25ton mobile gantry crane
12.5t+12.5t rubber gantry crane in factory
12.5t+12.5t rubber gantry crane in factory

32ton Rubber tired gantry crane for Saudi Arabia

We pvovided a A-frame type rubber tyred mobile gantry crane for one of our customers from Saudi Arabia. Since the customer’s processing workshop has limited area, we designed the gantry crane with span of 8.3m and lifting height is 6m to fully meet their operational requirements. The 32 ton mobile rubber gantry crane for Saudi is mainly used to handle steel coils in the processing workshop.

double beam rubber tire gantry crane
double beam rubber tire gantry crane
32ton rubber gantry crane
mobile gantry crane for Saudi

Before delivery, we carried our the tests in the factory to ensure the reliable performance. Currently, the crane has been installed in Saudi Arabia and works efficiently for steel coild transferring.

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Typical Applications of Mobile Lifting Gantry Crane

On Construction Sites

Mobile lifting gantry cranes are used on construction sites for lifting and moving heavy materials such as steel beams, concrete panels, and construction equipment. They facilitate efficient material handling and placement, especially in areas where fixed cranes are not practical.

straddle machine for beams handling
mobile lifting crane for beams handling
DTL 180 ton crane on construction site
straddle carrier mobile crane on construction site

In Precast Concrete Yards

Mobile gantry cranes are essential in precast concrete yards for lifting and positioning precast elements such as beams, columns, slabs, and walls. They assist in the production and assembly of precast components for construction projects.

crane in precast yard
mobile gantry crane in precast yard

For Manufacturing Plants

Gantry mobile cranes play an important role in manufacturing plants for lifting raw materials, workpieces, and finished products within production lines. They help a lot in streamlining manufacturing processes and optimizing workflow efficiency.

mobile gantry for manufacturing plant
mobile gantry for manufacturing plant

In Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Mobile gantry cranes are used in warehouses and distribution centers for loading and unloading cargo, pallets, and containers. They facilitate efficient storage and retrieval of goods, improving overall logistics operations.

mobile gantry crane for warehouse
mobile gantry crane for warehouse

In Workshops and Maintenance Facilities

Mobile workshop gantry cranes are employed in workshops and maintenance facilities for lifting heavy machinery, equipment, and components during repair, maintenance, and assembly tasks. They provide a safe and efficient lifting solution for technicians and operators.

10ton rubber tyre gantry crane for UAE
rubber tyred mobile gantry for maintenance facility

Steel Mills and Metal Fabrication Plants

Rubber tyred mobile cranes are essential in steel mills and metal fabrication plants for handling steel coils, plates, and structural components. They support various processes such as material handling, cutting, welding, and finishing.

rubber tyre crane handling cylindrical 0bjects
mobile crane handling steel coil

Common Steering Modes

Mobile gantry cranes are versatile machines used for lifting and moving heavy loads in various industrial settings. These cranes can employ different steering modes to navigate efficiently and perform specific maneuvers. Get to know some common steering modes and movements associated with mobile gantry cranes from this part.

  • Forward and Backward Straight Movement: This is the basic mode where the crane moves straight forward or backward along a predefined path. The crane operator controls the speed and direction of travel using dedicated controls.
  • 90-Degree Lateral Movement: Mobile gantry cranes can perform lateral movements to move sideways at a right angle to their longitudinal axis. This is useful for positioning the crane accurately and aligning with loads or specific work areas.
  • Oblique Movement: Oblique movement refers to diagonal movement where the gantry crane moves both longitudinally and laterally simultaneously. This mode allows the crane to traverse obliquely across the workspace, providing flexibility in maneuvering.
  • Pivot Steering: Pivot steering involves rotating the crane around a fixed point, typically using one of the crane’s corners as the pivot. This mode is useful for making sharp turns or changing direction while maintaining a fixed location for one end of the rubber tired crane.
  • Ackerman Steering: Ackerman steering is a type of steering geometry that allows the mobile crane to smoothly negotiate curves. It involves turning the wheels at different angles based on the desired curve radius, ensuring that all wheels follow different paths to reduce tire wear and improve stability during turns.
  • Forward Swing: Forward swing refers to swinging the crane’s boom or load in the forward direction. This movement is used to position the load precisely or reach specific areas within the crane’s operational range.
  • Retral Swing: Retral swing is the opposite of forward swing, where the crane’s boom or load swings backward. This movement can be employed to clear obstacles, adjust the load’s position, or reposition the crane itself.

These steering modes and movements can be controlled either manually by the operator using joysticks, steering wheels, or other control interfaces, or automatically through advanced crane control systems. The choice of steering mode depends on factors such as the workspace layout, load handling requirements, and operational preferences, aiming to maximize efficiency, safety, and precision during the mobile rubber tyred crane operations.

straight movement
straight movement
retral swing
retral swing
forward swing
forward swing

Benefits of Using Mobile Gantry Cranes

Using mobile gantry cranes offers several benefits across various industries and applications. Here are some key advantages shown for your reference.

  • Versatility: Mobile gantry cranes are versatile and can be used in different locations within a facility or on construction sites. They are ideal for lifting and moving heavy loads in areas where a fixed crane setup is not practical.
  • Portability: These cranes are designed to be easily moved from one location to another using tires. This mobility allows for efficient use across multiple work areas without the need for permanent installation.
  • Quick Setup: The gantry cranes can typically be set up quickly compared to traditional fixed cranes. They are a practical solution for temporary lifting needs or projects with changing requirements.
  • Adaptability: The gantry mobile crane can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on the application. This flexibility makes them suitable for various industries such as warehouses, workshops, manufacturing plants, and construction sites.
  • Cost-Effective: Mobile lifting gantry cranes are generally more affordable than installing permanent overhead or gantry cranes. They offer a cost-effective lifting solution for businesses looking to minimize infrastructure costs.
  • Safety: Modern mobile gantry cranes come equipped with safety features such as overload protection, emergency stop buttons, and secure locking mechanisms. This ensures safe lifting operations and minimizes the risk of accidents.
  • Space Efficiency: Unlike fixed cranes that require dedicated space and infrastructure, mobile gantrys can be used in compact areas and can be moved or stored when not in use, optimizing space utilization.
  • Increased Productivity: By providing efficient lifting capabilities in diverse settings, mobile gantry cranes contribute to enhanced productivity and workflow efficiency. They facilitate faster material handling and loading/unloading processes.
rtg gantry crane for handling concrete block
mobile lifting gantry with high efficiency

Guidance to Select a Suitable Gantry Mobile Crane

Selecting a suitable gantry mobile crane involves considering several key factors to ensure it meets your lifting requirements effectively and safely. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the selection process:

  • Determine Lifting Capacity Requirements: Calculate the maximum weight you’ll need to lift. Choose a mobile gantry crane with a lifting capacity that comfortably exceeds this requirement to account for safety margins.
  • Evaluate Span and Height Requirements: Measure the distance between support legs (span) and the required lifting height. Ensure the crane’s span and height capabilities align with your project needs.
  • Consider Mobility and Portability: Assess the mobility requirements of your project site. Determine whether you need a crane that can be easily moved or repositioned. Gantry mobile cranes are designed for mobility, but consider factors like ground conditions and space constraints.
  • Review Power Source Options: Decide whether you prefer a hydraulic-powered or electric gantry mobile crane based on your site’s power availability and environmental considerations.
  • Check Safety Features and Compliance: Ensure the gantry crane complies with safety standards and regulations. Look for features such as overload protection, emergency stop buttons, and safety interlocks.
  • Assess Weather and Environmental Factors: If your project is exposed to harsh weather conditions or operates in challenging environments (e.g., corrosive atmospheres), choose a mobile lifting gantry crane with suitable protective coatings and weatherproof features.
  • Review Manufacturer’s Reputation and Support: Research the manufacturer’s reputation for quality and reliability. Check customer reviews and testimonials. Ensure the crane manufacturer offers comprehensive technical support, spare parts availability, and after-sales service.
  • Budget Considerations: Define your budget and explore gantry mobile crane options that provide the best value for your investment. Balance upfront costs with long-term reliability and operational efficiency.

Aicrane –  Your Ideal Crane Supplier

  • Product Quality: Aicrane offer crane products built with high-quality materials and components to ensure durability, safety, and reliability.
  • Variety of Products: As a professional and reputable crane supplier, we have a range of crane types and models to suit different lifting needs, such as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, rmg cranes, rtg cranes, straddle cranes and other crane equipment.
  • Customization Options: Aicrane is able to tailor cranes to specific materials handling requirements, offering customizations in terms of lifting capacity, span, height, configurations and operational features.
  • Compliance and Safety: Our crane products meet industry standards and safety regulations, with proper certifications and documentation.
  • After-Sales Service: Aicrane group provides excellent after-sales support, including maintenance, spare parts availability, and technical assistance.
  • Customer Reviews and Reputation: Aicrane has been highly recognized by different customers from worldwide and has received many positive reviews from our customers, which showcasing our reputation for service and product quality.
factory conditions
Aicrane factory
our team serving customers
Aicrane project consultants
Aicrane service experts
Aicrane service experts

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