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Mobile Jib Crane

Mobile jib crane is the most flexible and mobile lifting jib for modern manufacturing, for its advantage of high flexibility, it is the indispensable hoist equipment of automatic production line. Compared to pillar jib crane and wall jib crane, mobile jib cranes do not need cement foundation. So you can place it anywhere in the plant based on your need. And this movable jib crane is able to save space of ceiling, especially suits for low headroom factory.

You can choose the rotation of your jib crane, for example 180 degree rotate, and customized product is available. Aimix mobile jibs has scientific design and high quality, which can meet your requirement of short distance and frequent task.

mobile jib crane
mobile jib crane

Mobile Jib Crane

Rated load: 0.125-0.5t
Base width: 1200-1400mm
Stand bar width: 1018-1218mm
L&h: 3000mm
H: 3700-3900mm

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Features of Mobile Jib Cranes

1. Compared to pillar jib and wall jib, mobile crane jibs need not cement base so that they are beyond the limit of space, you can place it anywhere according to your need.
2. It is the individual lifting device for high efficiency automatic manufacture line, which can ensure the clear of water line.
3. You can choose electric wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist.
4. With jib arm turning 360° rotation and hoist moving along I beam, mobile jibs may work anywhere.
5. You can choose your own non-standard jib crane if necessary.
6. Fit for weight no more than 0.5 ton.

Advantages of Movable Jib Crane Manufactured by Aimix Group

1. Flexible and mobile. Your jib crane may move to any place in your plant.
2. Wide adaptation. Without cement base, you can place it anywhere in manufacture and assembly line of factories and workshop or machine tool, warehouse and wharf etc.
3. High efficiency. It extend and enlarge the task range, especially for short distance and frequent task.
4. Safe and cheap. Scientific design makes your crane safe, We give you good price.
5. Easy to maintain.

Why Choose Our Mobile Jib Crane?

1. Aimix devotes to the design of jib crane for years, movable jibs have scientific structure and high quality, which ensure you get a long machine service.
2. We give you cheap price with good quality jib crane.

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