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Operation and Control of Rail Container Gantry Crane

The rail type container gantry crane is operated by the driver in the control console of the cab. The cab is usually suspended under the traveling trolley and runs with the trolley.

All operations of the crane can be realized on the linkage platform of the cab. The crane can also be operated at the crane operation side to facilitate the temporary displacement of the crane. When the crane is operated at the operation side, the electric interlocking is realized with the main operation linkage platform.

The driving control of rail container gantry crane can adopt different ways according to the needs of users. At present, the commonly used ones include:

(1) conventional AC belt eddy current speed regulating braking system;

(2) AC stator voltage regulating speed regulating system;

(3) thyristor DC constant rate speed regulating system and AC rheological frequency regulating speed system, and different electric driving control systems can be adopted according to different mechanisms.

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