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QPQ 2*25ton Electric Winches Are Ready for Delivery to Vietnam

Recently, three sets of Aicrane QPQ 2*25 ton electric winch are completely manufactured in the factory and ready for shipping to Vietnam for our customer. These electric winches will be used in the dam for handling dam gate on request.

The whole delivery cycle of the QPQ 2*25ton winches is 45 working days, the winches will be dispatched from Qingdao port and arrive at Ho Chi Minh port in Vietnam within 9 days.

QPQ 2*25ton electric winch
Aicrane QPQ 2*25ton electric winch

Test Run of The QPQ Winch for Sale Vietnam

After finishing the winch production, the test run will be carried out by the professional staff to make sure the winches work reliably and safely without problem before leaving the factory.

All the Aicrane winch products will be tested before packing and delivery to the destination. We always stick to customer first and quality first. Click the video shown as below to know the winch testing details.

How to Install the QPQ Electric Winch

The three sets of the QPQ 2*25 ton winches have been tested before shipping and they are easy to install, our professional engineer will provide online installation guidance for our customer after the winches arriving in the work place.

There is no need to worry about the winch installation since it is easy to complete according to the drawing and guidance. We offer excellent after-sales service to guarantee the quick and reliable use of the winches.

winch used for dam gate handling
winch used for dam gate handling

QPQ 2-25on electric winch ready for shipping
Aicrane QPQ 2*25on electric winch

How Did the Customer Find Us and Why Choose Us?

Our customer searched winch for sale Vietnam via Google, found Aicrane and he checked our website for the winch types and uses and then sent inquiry to us. During the communication, we shown our winch products cases, our factory, our certificates and other things to our customer, he highly recognized our company and our professinal and timely response anytime he needed.

Our customer is very satisfied with our customized winch solution and our excellent service, he said after confiming these three winch quality, he would purchse more winches from us and we are both looking forward to the next cooperation in the near future.

Aicrane after-sales team
after-sales team

Contact Us for Detailed Information of Winch Vietnam

We have been in Vietnam market for many years and we have many customers there, and our winch products become more and more popular in Vietnam because of our good quality and excellent service. We supply wide range of winch types in Vietnam to suit different requirements, if you have any need of the winch for your business or project, please feel free to contact us for detailed information of winch uses and prices.

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