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Rail Mounted Gantry Crane

Rail mounted gantry crane (also known as RMG crane) is widely used in port terminal, container yard and railway freight station. It travels on the fixed track for loading, unloading, moving and stacking containers in different places. Aicrane provides various rail mounted gantry crane solutions according to customers’ requirements with a wide variety of parameters and configurations.

rail mounted gantry crane for sale
rail mounted gantry crane for sale

Container Gantry Crane Cases

Rail mounted gantry cranes are commonly used for the quick, safe and automated handling of containers. They are designed for manual, semi-automatic or automatic operation. As a professional and reliable gantry crane manufacturer and supplier, we have provided different container gantry crane solutions for various customers from different countries. If you are looking for a container crane now, please just check the following cases for your reference.

32 ton Container Gantry Crane for Client in Kazakhstan

One of our clients from Kazakhstan purchased one European standard 32ton gantry crane used for handling containers. The rmg crane has the span of 30m and the lifting height of 13m. The work duty of the container crane is A5.

32ton gantry crane installation
32ton gantry crane installation

This AQ-MGH double girder gantry crane has been installed on site and will be used to transfer containers as the client needs. The client highly recognized our crane quality, reasonable price and our timely service.

32ton container gantry crane
32ton container gantry crane for Kazakhstan

Aicrane Gantry Crane Solution for Containers Handling in Chile

As our reputed customer, the customer from Chile purchased two sets of Aicrane double girder gantry cranes, and the double girder cranes are used for loading and unloading containers as required. With the two gantry cranes, the work efficiency has been greatly improved.

Now the container gantry cranes work safely and reliably and the customer said he would cooperate with us in the near future for his new business.

gantry crane for containers handling
gantry crane for containers handling

container gantry crane solution for our customer
container gantry crane solution for our customer

gantry crane in Chile
gantry crane for handling containers on railway line

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Aicrane Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane Solutions

Rail mounted container gantry crane is mainly used for containers loading, unloading, handling and stacking in container railway transfer yard and large container storage and transportation yard. Aicrane rail mounted container cranes are produced to meet the customers’s work need, and customized rmg crane solutions are available for special usage requirements.

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Used for Handling Containers

Rail mounted gantry crane is a specialized container handling gantry crane, and it is widely used in railway, ports, container yards, etc. The rmg crane runs along the track, lifting, stacking or transferring containers within the specified range of the container yard or terminal as required. The lifting mechanism and crane travelling mechanism are mostly controlled by AC frequency conversion.

  • rail mounted container crane
    Rail Mounted Gantry Crane with Cantilever

In addition to the specialized rmg container gantry crane, we also provide customized gantry crane for special container handling requirements.

Parameters of RMG Gantry Crane

Technical Parameter of AQ-RMG Track-type Container Gantry Crane
Capacity t 30 35 40.5 45 50
Span S(m) 18~35 18~35 18~35 18~35 18~35
Lifting height m 12.3~21 12.3~21 12.3~21 12.3~21 12.3~21
Lifting speed m/min 12.5 9.5 10 9.8 9.2
Trolley speed m/min 56 48 48 45 45
Crane speed m/min 50 44.3 44.3 42 42
Container 20′   40′ 20′   40′   45′ 20′   40′   45′ 20′   40′   45′ 20′   40′   45′
Work duty A6~A8 A6~A8 A6~A8 A6~A8 A6~A8
Track type QU80 QU80   QU100 QU80   QU100 QU100   QU120 QU100   QU120

Container Spreaders for Rail Mounted Gantry Crane

Rail mounted gantry crane is mainly constituted by steel frame, lifting mechanism, crane travelling mechanism, container spreader, spreader anti-sway system, operation cab, electrical system and other necessary auxiliary equipment etc.

The Rail mounted container gantry crane can be with or without outreaches at both sides, with rotating or non-rotating trolleys in accordance with the customers’ usage requirements. The gantry crane can be equipped with different container spreaders to meet different requirements. Get to know some container spreaders via the following pictures:

container spreader
container spreader

electric telescopic container spreader
electric telescopic container spreader

electric rotary telescopic container spreader
electric rotary telescopic container spreader

four-point container spreader
four-point container spreader

Features and Advantages of Rail Mounted Crane

To reduce lifting and transferring times of heavy loads and promote work efficiency, the rail mounted gantry crane is introduced in many industries. It is applicable for power station, construction site, port and container terminals. The rail mounted cranes we manufacture have many features and advantages shown as below:

  • The rail mounted crane has no sway in hoist trolley during the crane operation process due to the adoption of anti-swing device.
  • The rail mounted crane has long service life and requires little maintenance.
  • The rmg crane is with stacking heights of up to eight containers high.
  • Our gantry lifting equipment has accurate positioning and also requires minimal positioning time.
  • This rail mounted gantry crane has low energy consumption, greatly reducing running costs.
  • The rmg crane is with the custom spans in excess of 70 metres and outreaches up to 20 metres.
  • This rail mounted crane equipment can handle 20 feet, 40 feet and 45 feet containers as work requires.

Aicrane Service for Worldwide Customers

Aicrane provides one-stop service mainly including solution recommendation, product manufacturing, delivery, installation, debugging, training and maitenance etc. We have professional service team in order to serve the customers from all over the world better and better. Get to know our service team shown as below.

Aicrane pre-sale service

Pre-sales Service

After knowing well of the customer’s requirements, our technicians will offer customized drawing and solution for the customer.

Aicrane project consultants are responsible for providing either online or offline factory visit accordint to the customer’s need.

Zoom meeting is also available for the customers as needed (Project Consultant & Production manager & Technicians & Management).

Aicrane Service And Support Team

Sales Service

Through complete cummunication and consideration, our project consultant and technicians will submit and confirm the drawing and solution to meet all the requirements put forward by the customers.

When it comes to the production stage, our customer-service team will update the production process via pictures or videos for the customers.

Aicrane shipping and documents team are responsible for submitting and confirming all the documents.

Aicrane After-sales Service Team

After-sales service

Our customer-service team provide installation manual or video for the customers.

Aicrane customer-service team and after-sales engineers also provide online guidance as required.

If the customer requires on-site guidance, our after-sales engineers can go to site for guidance.

What Affect the Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Price?

The rail mounted gantry cranes prices can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specifications of the crane. Regular rail mounted stacking cranes from us are priced about between 350,000 and 650,000 US dollars. However, it’s important to note that this is just an estimate and that prices can vary depending on a number of factors such as size, weight capacity, and features.

  • Types and Parameters of the Crane: We provide different types of gantry cranes to handle containers, like specified rmg container gantry crane and customized double girder gantry crane equipped with container spreader to meet the containers transferring work. The container gantry cranes can be with different lifting capacities, different spans and different lifting height as required. The prices vary in accordance with the different crane types and paremeters.
  • Configurations of the Crane: The gantry cranes can adopt different configurations, like general or European configurations as the clients require. The rmg crane can adopt different container spreaders or different protection devices. In a word, container gantry cranes with different configurations have different prices correspondingly.
  • Raw Materials Price: The gantry cranes are mainly made of steel, and the raw material price fluctuations affect the crane prices.
  • Transportation Cost: Our gantry cranes are exported to different countries and regions and the costs are different when the crane products are transported with different shipping methods.

What Are the Operation Methods Available for Gantry Cranes?

  • The RMG crane is fully electric gantry crane typically designed with three operation methods. It can be operated either from a cab mounted on the gantry crane or on the ground by way of pendant control or wireless remote control. Before buying a gantry crane, you should discuss with the crane manufacturer on the control systems.
  • The pendant control uses a hand-wired button box to operate the gantry crane, which is more suitable to lift small loads. This control system allows operator to get close to the lifting objects, which may also cause accidents and endanger people’s lives.
  • The wireless remote control is widely adopted in many cranes as it is a more secure operation method. It allows the operator to choose the best position so as to have a wide field of vision and avoid dangerous areas. Besides, the wireless remote control has low cost and minimal maintenance, so it is a popular choice among crane users.
  • The cabin control is usually adopted in heavy duty gantry crane to handle large and heavy workloads. The crane operators should receive professional training on the crane knowledge and safety operation regulations. Sometimes, they should co-work with staff on the ground to complete the lifting tasks.
  • The above operation methods can be selected according your specific needs. During the gantry crane operation, operators should never be lax or careless in case the accidents or even fatal accidents occur. Besides, some safety devices can be installed on the gantry cranes to ensure a safe operation such as limit switches, overload limit and anti-collision device.

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When you are planning to purchase a rail mounted gantry crane for your new project or business, you can just choose to cooperate with us to get a suitable rmg crane solution to meet all the requirements. Our factory covers an area of 200,000 square meters, and the production license covers all kinds of cranes, hoists and steel structures etc. Factory direct sales prices can be provided. If you are interested in knowing more about our factory, you are welcomed to visit the factory anytime you want!

crane factory conditions
Aicrane crane factory

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