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Routine Maintenance of Overhead Crane

  1. Appearance of overheadcrane: fully clean the appearance to ensure no dust. Check for cracks and open welds.
  2. Crane and trolley: check and fasten whether the transmission shaft seat, gearbox, coupling, shaft and key are loose; check and adjust the brake wheel clearance to make it uniform, sensitive and reliable.
  3. Check the reducer of overhead crane mainly to see if it leaks oil. If there is abnormal noise in the box during operation, open the box cover for inspection. Generally, it is caused by bearing damage or excessive backlash of gear mesh, serious wear of tooth surface, etc.
  4. Lifting and hoisting: check whether the steel wire rope, hook and pulley are safe and reliable, and replace if the abrasion exceeds the specified value; check and adjust the brake to make it safe, sensitive and reliable.
  5. Inspection of steel wire rope of overhead The commonly used varieties are phosphatized coating steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope and smooth steel wire rope. The inspection of steel wire rope should focus on the observation of broken wire, wear, kink, rust and other conditions. For some positions with serious wear and broken wire but not exceeding the standard, marks should be made so as to focus on tracking and rechecking. Pay attention to check whether the safety limiter of steel wire rope in the drum is effective, whether the steel wire rope pressing plate on the drum is compressed and whether the number of pressing plates is appropriate.
  6. Lubrication: check the oil quality and quantity of all parts, and add or replace the lubricating oil as required.
  7. Inspection of overheadcrane pulley. The key points are whether the wear at the bottom of the groove exceeds the standard and whether the cast iron pulley has cracks. For the balance wheel of the pulley block of the pitching mechanism, it is easy to be ignored because it does not act normally. Therefore, before installation, it is necessary to check the flexibility of its rotation, otherwise, the length and tension of the left and right wire ropes in the installation cannot be automatically adjusted by the balance wheel, which increases the difficulty of adjusting the rope in the high altitude and the degree of operation risk.
  8. Electrical: check whether the limit switches are sensitive and reliable; check whether the electrical appliances in the electrical box are sensitive and reliable; check whether the motor, bell and wire are safe and reliable; check whether the signal lamp is in good condition.
  9. Check whether the coupling of overhead crane is loose or even “rolling key”. It is important to check whether the elastic rubber ring of the elastic pin coupling has abnormal wear, and pay special attention to the wear condition of the gear ring of the gear coupling. Due to the poor installation accuracy, when there is a large deviation between the two shafts, the whole ring gear will soon wear out in a short time. In case of such a situation in the hoisting mechanism, serious accidents are likely to occur.

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