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Safety Requirements of Operating Double Girder Gantry Crane

In the lifting industry, different crane equipment have different working characteristics, so they are suitable for different working environment. The double girder gantry crane can carry some large-scale heavy objects and solve many problems that cannot be solved by manpower and other lifting equipment. There are some safety requirements of double girder gantry crane in operation as follows:

  1. When using double beam gantry crane to lift goods, it is not allowed to lift the goods obliquely;
  2. Double girdergantry crane is not allowed to lift and land people with the goods;
  3. Non operators are not allowed to operate the double girder cranes;
  4. The double girder gantry cranes shall be operated by specially assigned person. The operator shall have professional training, be familiar with the operation method, structural characteristics and safety operation precautions of the gantry crane, and shall pass the examination and issue a certificate of qualification before operation;
  5. During the operation of double beam gantry crane, it is forbidden to pass through the head topof people;
  6. During maintenance, power shall be cut off and maintenance sign shall be hung to prevent major accidents during operation in case of failure;
  7. Do not place heavy objects in the air for a long time during the operation of double beam gantry crane.

double girder gantry crane

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