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Safety Technical Operation for Lifting Personnel

  1. Operators must take part in learning and training, and they can work only after passing the examination and having the work license of special operators issued by the construction industry management department。
  2. Before operation, check the wire rope, clutch, brake, safety ratchet, transmission wheel, etc. During the operation, the steel wire rope shall be kept on the drum for at least three turns. During the operation, no one is allowed to cross the wire rope of the winch, and the wire rope is not allowed to drag along.
  3. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to leave the work post without permission and others are not allowed to start the machine without permission.
  4. During the work, the signal of the commander shall be obeyed. When the signal is unclear or may cause an accident, the operation shall be stopped and the operation can be continued only after the situation is clarified.
  5. In case of sudden power failure during operation, the switch shall be opened immediately and the transported materials shall be put down.
  6. Hoisting command shall be conducted by skilled personnel who master the performance of hoisting machinery, and the signal shall be accurate and the sound shall be loud and clear.
  7. The speed of lifting objects shall be uniform. It is forbidden to brake and change direction suddenly. The translation shall be 0.5m higher than the obstacles. The falling shall be lowered at low speed to prevent dumping.
  8. All personnel are forbidden to stay or walk under the boom and the lifted heavy objects. Objects must be kept at a safe distance from overhead power lines.
  9. Operators shall take part in safety knowledge training, and can only work with certificates after passing the examination.

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