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Customer Introduction

Mr. Zack first met Aicrane by searching the keyword slipway winch on Google, he found our website and saw various types of winch solutions shown on the website, he was very interested, he thought Aicrane could meet his requirements on the winch and then he sent the inquiry to us via email.

Mr. Zack has a large shipyard in Indonesia, and the main business consists of new ships manufacturing, old ships repairing and boats maintenance. He needed a winch solutions for handling the ships on request.

After the initial contact was established by email, the client invited us and hoped that we would go to his shipyard in Indonesia for on-site inspection and further communication of technical requirements.

Project Overview

Mr. Zack’s shipyard already has a 30-ton slipway winch, but the tonnage of the ship that can be pulled is relatively small, the winch needs frequent maintenance and the maintenance cost is high. Mr. Zack is considering building a new slipway yard, installing a larger tonnage winch to pull the larger tonnage vessel, and expanding his shipyard business by increasing the customer base.

Aicrane team

On-site inspection of Aicrane Team in Indonesia

Mr. Zack’s Initial Demand & Our Recommendation

Mr. Zack sent the first email to us saying he needed one JMM friction slipway winch to handle ships in his shipyard.

During the communication of technical solutions, we continuously understood the concerns and needs of customers through the comparison table of technical parameters of different tonnage winches, technical solution layout drawings, equipment video display and on-site face-to-face meetings, and constantly optimized and adjusted the solution.

At first, the customer considered the 80-ton hydraulic slipway winch , and then we repeatedly compared various schemes such as 70-ton winch, 60-ton winch, 30-ton + 30-ton double winch linkage, electric drive and so on. Taking into account the overall procurement cost and budget, site condition, actual tonnage requirements for pulling the boat, etc., we finally determined the JMM 60 ton electric friction winch solution to be equipped with a tension monitoring system.

Aicrane friction winch design
Aicrane friction winch

JMM friction winch
JMM slow speed friction winch

Aicrane JMM winch
Aicrane JMM friction winch design

Final Solution

Mr. Zack was very satisfied after receiving our proposal. After discussing with the company’s board of directors, he finally decided to purchase a JMM 60 ton friction electric slipway winch with accessories.

Winch Production & Testing & Delivery

After more than 60 days of production and assembly testing, the equipment was shipped by our delivery team and arrived at the customer’s shipyard on schedule.

winch product in factory
friction winch production

winch delivery
winch delivery

Winch Installation & Debugging on Site

As Mr. Zack required, we provided the online guidance for his installation team to guarantee the smooth winch installation and debugging in the shipyard.

friction winch for Indonesia
friction winch for Indonesia

60 ton JMM friction winch in Indonesia
60 ton JMM friction winch in Indonesia

Compared with the old 30 ton winch equipment that Mr. Zack used before, every time the operator had to stand for a long time in the winch house and wait for the whole pulling process to finish before leaving.

We specially designed and customized an independent console for the JMM 60 ton friction winch, and equipped the winch with an LCD display screen, so that every time the boat is pulled, the relevant data of the equipment work and the pulling force data can be displayed on the screen of the console in real time. It is convenient for real-time monitoring and timely detection of abnormalities. The operator can sit in front of the console in the operating room and complete every boat pulling and releasing work.

At present, Mr. Zack’s shipyard uses this winch every week to complete the launching of new ships and the shore maintenance of old ships. They are very satisfied with the performance of Aicrane slipway winch.

Customer Feedback

On our product

Mr. Zack’s expressed his satisfaction with the performance of the JMM 60 ton friction winch, he said the winch completely meets their initial requirements and greatly improves the work efficiency.

On our team

From the initial email in 2019 to the final signing of the contract in 2020, we kept in touch via email, telephone communication, and one flight to Indonesia to conduct twice face-to-face communication and project presentations with Mr. Zack’s team. They had much confidence and trust in AICRANE, as well as our design and manufacturing capabilities and supply experience of large-tonnage slipway winches.
Although after the winch was shipped to Indonesia, the customer found that it was damaged due to minor collision during the transportation; our after-sales service team actively coordinated the insurance company to check the goods at Mr. Zack’s shipyard for damage assessment as soon as they received the feedback, helping the customer get the insurance payouts smoothly.

  • Aicrane Project Advisors

Further Cooperation with Mr. Zack

We keep in constant contact with Mr. Zack to know the winch performance, provide technical support and solve the problems he meet at any time. What Aicrane delivers is not just a piece of equipment, customers enjoy the after-sales service and guarantee provided by Aicrane for the entire life cycle of the equipment.

Recently, he contacted us and told us that he planned to equip the two old winches with tension detection and display systems to make their work more intelligent and efficient.

We both look forward to more and further cooperation in the near future. We are not only partners but also friends, we will continue to update the story between Aicrane and Mr. Zack and look forward to your continued attention. We will spare no effort to help more customers succeed.