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Steel Structure Workshop

Steel structure workshop refers to a building used for industrial production. Compared with traditional concrete buildings, the steel structure workshop buildings use steel plates or section steel instead of reinforced concrete, which has higher strength and better impact resistance.

Aicrane steel structure
Aicrane steel structure design

steel workshop
steel structure workshop

Steel Structure Cases

Steel Structure and Overhead Crane for Sale Uzbekistan

steel structure installation in Uzbekistan
steel structure installation in Uzbekistan

steel structure workshop in Uzbekistan
steel structure workshop in Uzbekistan

steel structure and overhead crane
steel structure and overhead crane

Steel Structure for Sale Kazakhstan

steel structure delivered to Kazakhstan
steel structure delivered to Kazakhstan

Steel Structure for Sale Chile

workshop steel structure in Chile
workshop steel structure in Chile

crane steel structure in Chile
crane steel structure in Chile

Steel Structure for Sale in Bangladesh

steel structure delivered to Bangladesh
steel structure for customers in Bangladesh

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Components of Steel Structure Workshop Products

Main Components

Main Components

The main components of steel workshop include steel column, steel beam, wind-proof column and crane beam.

☆ Steel column: It can be a H-shaped steel column with a constant cross-section or a H-shaped steel column with a variable cross-section.

It is easy to manufacture, safe and reliable, and the main material is Q235B or Q345B.

When the horizontal span of the steel workshop building does not exceed 15m and the column height does not exceed 6m, the steel column should be made of H-shaped steel with equal cross section.

When the span of the factory building is greater than 15m and the column height exceeds 6m, the variable-section steel column should be adopted.

steel column erection
steel column erection

☆ Steel beam: Commonly used welded composite steel beams consist of an I-shaped section consisting of upper and lower flange plates and webs. The main material is Q235B or Q345B.

☆ Wind- resistant column: The wind-resistant column is the structural component of the gable wall. The function of the wind-resistant column is mainly to transmit the wind load of the gable wall. The upper part is transmitted to the entire steel frame structure through the connection with the steel beam, and the lower part is transmitted to the foundation through the connection with the foundation. The main material It is Q235B or Q345B.

☆ Crane beam: The beam used to install the crane track is called the crane beam, which is generally installed on the upper part of the factory building.

steel beam
steel beam

wind resistant column
wind resistant column

crane beam installation
crane beam installation

Secondary Components

Secondary Components

☆ Purlin

Purlin is made of C-shaped steel and Z-shaped steel. The purlin is used to support the roof and wall panels and transfer the load from the roof and wall panels to the main steel frame.


☆ Bracing system

There are roof bracing and wall bracing. The bracing is usually made of steel rods, L angles or square tubes. The bracing system is used to stabilize the steel frame.

roof and wall bracing
roof and wall bracing

☆ Sag rod

The sag rod connects two purlins to adjust and control the stability of two adjacent purlins. Generally, a sag rod is made of a rod with a diameter of 12 or 14 mm.

sag rod
sag rod

Enclosure Materials

Enclosure Materials

Wall panels and roof panels are divided into corrugated monochromatic panels and sandwich panels.

Monochrome metal plates are used for steel structure buildings without thermal insulation requirements.

Sandwich panels are mainly used in structural steel buildings with thermal insulation requirements. The core material of the sandwich panel includes foam, glass wool, rock wool and polyurethane.

The other is a corrugated monochromatic board with glass wool rolls, compounded on site.

In order to save energy and indoor daylighting, lighting panels are generally added to the roof, and roof air towers can also be designed at the ridge of the roof to enhance indoor ventilation.

wall and roof system
wall and roof system

The roles of roof and enclosure structure:

☆ Purlins and girts are necessary frames, combined with metal cladding to form roofs and walls.

☆ Transmit the horizontal force together with the support system to stabilize the entire building.

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Advantages of Steel Structure Workshop

Simple Installation and Short Construction Period
The components of the structural steel workshop can be prefabricated in the factory and installed on the site, which greatly reduces the project construction time. The steel structure installation is carried out according to the installation instruction, and it is easy and fast as expected.

The steel structure workshop building is light in weight and the the construction speed is fast than traditional concrete building, which reduces the basic cost. The steel workshop can be completed and put into production as soon as possible, the overall economic benefits are much better than that of concrete structure buildings.

Environmentally Friendly
Due to the re-usability of the structural steel, the steel workshop building can greatly reduce the construction waste, and it is more environmentally friendly, that is why the structure steel is widely applied nowadays.

Less Maintenance
The steel structure workshop buildings use the economical and durable building materials – steel, which has excellent performance, and the steel workshop is very sturdy and needs less maintenance.

Long Service Life and Wide Uses
The steel structure workshop has long service life and can be widely used in industrial and civil buildings.

The steel workshop design uses high-strength steel, which can withstand the impact of external bad weather and keep the indoor personnel and equipment safe.

Important Factors Affecting Workshop Steel Structure Price

Raw Material

Fluctuations in the price of steel have an important impact on the price of steel structure buildings. The increase in steel prices will directly cause the overall price of steel structure buildings to rise. The different section sizes, steel grade, thickness of the wall, and roof will cause the difference in price. So the raw materials are the main factor that affected the cost of steel workshop building.

External Load

External loads include wind load, snow load, dead load, and live load. Structural engineers calculate the steel structure based on the external load. If the load is large, the amount of steel used in the structure will increase.

The Span of the Steel Frame

The larger span of the steel frame, the greater the amount of steel used per steel frame. More than 30 meters is considered a large width. If the steel frame has a large span and no center pillar, the amount of steel used will increase.


For steel structure buildings with cranes or mezzanine floors, to ensure the safe operation of cranes, steel columns will be increased, and columns of an equal cross-section will be adopted, which will increase the amount of steel used in the building.

Design Factor

Reasonable steel structure design can save raw materials and affect the cost of the steel structure workshop. Design plan is an essential factor for influencing the quantity of steel, directly affecting the total structural steel cost.

Main Parameters of Single-story Steel Structure Workshop

Length: The total length of the plant needs to be determined. Whether there is a requirement for the column spacing, the column spacing is generally 6m, but it can also be 7.5m, 9m, or 12m;

Span: generally 9-36m, with 3m as a multiple, when the span is large, it is necessary to determine the design of several spans;

Height: indoor floor to the intersection of steel column axis and steel beam axis (clear height of plant), without lifting the crane should be 4.5-9m; when there is a crane, the specific model and lifting height of the crane should be determined;

Whether the roof and walls need to be insulated.

single story steel structure for sale
Aicrane single storey steel structure design

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Steel Structure Workshop VS Concrete Structure Building

The cost of a steel workshop is usually lower than that of a concrete structure building. The construction process of prefabricated steel structure workshop is usually not affected by the weather factors. The construction can be carried out normally even if it is raining.

Since all the steel structure components are cut, drilled, welded, and painted in the factory, and the components will be assembled on the construction site. No additional work is required, and almost no additional cost is added.

The prefabricated steel structure workshop is easy to install. The personnel need to erect the steel structure workshop building with only fixing bolts. There is no need for secondary manufacturing on-site, which will greatly reduce labor cost and save construction time.

The steel structure workshop building itself features light weight. The prefabricated steel structure walls and roof are made of light metal building materials, which are much lighter than the brick and concrete wall ceramic tile roof, which can reduce the workshop’s overall weight without damaging the stability of the whole structure.

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Know the Process of Prefab Steel Workshop Structure


Design is the source of all procedures. Reasonable design not only saves costs, but also makes the construction smoother.

structural steel building
Single story steel workshop design

double-story steel structure
double-story steel workshop design


Production is an integral part of the steel structure workshop building according to the design plan. The process includes the following steps:


This process is used for the formal processing of steel components. The cutting quality directly affects the next process. If the cutting is incorrect, the material may become scrap iron. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen the quality control of the process.


It is one of the most prone to quality problems. Therefore, sufficient welding strength must be applied to ensure the durability of the components.


This process has a great impact on the service life of steel structures. A good coating can prevent long-term rust and corrosion of the steel workshop and increase the service life of the steel workshop structure.

steel structure production
steel structure production in factory

On-site Installation

The installation process occupies vital position in the quality of the steel structure construction project, and the impact on the entire steel workshop building is even more significant.

steel structure installation
steel structure installation

steel structure installation
steel structure workshop installation

steel workshop on-site installation
steel workshop on-site installation


How Many Types of Steel Structure Do We Supply?
According to different uses, our steel structure design projects mainly consist of crane steel structure, steel structure warehouse, steel structure factory, steel structure garage, steel structure shed, steel grid structure, steel structure chemical building, steel structure hangar and so on.
We provide both lightweight steel structure and heavy steel structure on request to suit different requirements.
Aicrane steel structure building products
Aicrane steel structure building products

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What Are the Applications of Steel Structure Buildings?
The main applications of the structural steel buildings include:
  Commercial warehouse
  Industrial storage
  Raw material storage
  Chemical storage
  Distribution center
  Manufacturing plant
  Office building
  Equipment storage
  Recreational facilities
  Agricultural building
  Large workshop
  Maintenance shop
Aicrane steel structure designs
Aicrane steel structure designs
steel structure buildings
steel structure buildings
steel structure for different applications
steel structure for different applications

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What Are the Installation Process of Steel Structure?
  • ➢ Foundation embedded bolt installation
  • ➢ Steel column installation (column bracing installation at the same time)
  • ➢ Steel beam installation (roof support installation at the same time)
  • ➢ Crane beam installation
  • ➢ Roof purlin installation
  • ➢ Wall purlin installation
  • ➢ Roof panel installation
  • ➢ Wall panel installation
  • ➢ Enclosure and edge installation
  • ➢ Completionof the whole installation
What Are the Typical Uses of Steel Structure Solutions in Construction Industry?

Construction of high-rise buildings;

Construction of industrial sheds;

Construction of residential buildings;

Construction of bridges;

Construction of parking garages.

What Is Steel Structure Fabrication?

Structural steel fabrication involves cutting, bending, and welding steel to manufacture structures.

Unlike various types of welding that repair or strengthen steel alloys, steel fabricating involves putting steel blocks together to form different structures, which usually have a predetermined size and shape.

Where Is the Steel Structure Used?

In modern buildings, steel structures are used in almost all types of structures, including heavy industrial buildings, high-rise buildings, equipment support systems, infrastructure, bridges, towers, airport terminals, heavy industrial plants, pipe racks, etc.

What Is the Importance of Structural Steel?
  • Compared with other metals, structural steel is cheaper. This helps reduce the total cost of the entire project.
  • Steel structures require low maintenance, as mentioned above, they tend to have a long service life.
  • Therefore, compared with other building materials, structural steel is an economically feasible choice.

Choose a Professional and Reputable Steel Structure Manufacturer

As one of the professional and reputable structural steel manufacturers and suppliers, we specialize in design, manufacturing and installation of steel structures. We provide full service from steel structure design to installation.

We provide affordable, durable, and low-maintenance structural steel solutions for workshops, warehouses, factories, maintenance buildings, agricultural building, garage building, and aircraft hangar, etc.

The steel structure workshop products are customized, all dimensions, including length, width, and height, can be freely selected, and the inner column can be eliminated to expand the usable space.

If you have any steel structure workshop for sale needs, please feel free to contact us, and we will offer you professional solution and excellent service.

Aicrane steel structure components
Aicrane steel structure

steel structure materials
steel structure materials

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