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Steel Structure

Steel structure is a structure composed of steel materials, which is one of main types of construction structures. It is mainly composed of beam steel, steel column, steel truss and other components which are made of section steel and steel plate. The construction members and components are usually connected with weld joint, bolts and rivets.

Different from concrete structure which has low load carry capacity, steel structure has good load carry capacity. Because of its light dead weight and easy construction, the steel structure is widely used in large-scale factory construction, venues, and super high-rise buildings etc.

steel grid structure project
steel grid structure project

Steel Structure Projects and Cases

We have cooperated with many customers to provide steel structure solutions for their projects. Aicrane steel structure solutions mainly include steel grid structure, hangar steel structure, crane steel structure, workshop steel structure, steel structrue building and other customized steel structure solutions for special requirements. Check the following steel structure cases for your reference.

Steel Grid Structure Installed in Somalia

The steel structure installed in Somalia is Grid steel structure used for hangar. We sent engineer to the site for the installation guide, and the whole installation process went smoothly and the customer was very satisfied with our service. If you need hangar steel structure, just send us your requirements for professional and suitable solution recommendation.

steel grid structure installation in Somalia
steel grid structure installation in Somalia

AICRANE Installation Team
AICRANE Installation Team

service team on installation site
service team on installation site

Steel Structure Factory in Chile

The crane steel structure customized for the customer is a kind of heavy duty steel structure, and the lifting capacity of the double girder overhead crane is 50 ton. This customer has bought our crane machines and steel structure more than once.

steel structure factory
Aicrane steel structure factory

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Steel Workshop Structure in Uzbekistan

The customer ordered the steel structure together with the single girder overhead crane from Aicrane, we provided him the most cost-effective crane steel structure to meet all the requirements. Now, the steel structre has been successfully installed and it is firm and sturdy, and the overhead crane single girder also works efficiently and safe.

Aicrane steel structure workshop
Aicrane Steel Structure for Our Customer

Crane Steel Structure in Thailand

The steel structure provided for the customer was together with the double girder hoist overhead crane. Through the communication with the customer, we knew clearly about the requirements, and we provided the crane steel structure solution for the customer to suit him budget and work requirements.

We also sent the engineers to the site to guide the crane and steel structure installation. The customer highly recognized our product quality and professional service.

double girder overhead crane in Thailand
Overhead Crane Steel Structure in Thailand

Steel Structure Videos

Main Features of Steel Structure Warehouse

➢ Steel structure construction is light in mass, has high strength and large span;

➢ Steel structure building has short construction period and low investment cost;

➢ Structural steel construction has high fire resistance and strong corrosion resistance;

➢ The recycling of steel structure buildings are with no pollution.

With the development of construction, there are more and more large structures like bridges, single storey industrial buildings and some residential buildings adopt steel as the metal of the construction. There are mainly three types of steel structure constructions: conventional steel fabrication, bolted steel structure constructions, and light gauge structural steel construction.

Steel structure supplied by reputable supplier
Steel Structure

steel structure with good quality and reasonable price
Crane Steel Structure

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Advantages of Steel Structure Construction

Steel structure constructions have many advantages as follows:

  • Steel structure has good load carry capacity and has been widely applied in construction industry;
  • Steel structure is very durable and can withstand a considerable amount of external pressure, and it is earthquake resistant;
  • Steel structures can be made without foundation, but this is not applicable to other structures like concrete structures because they are very heavy;
  • Steel structures can be constructed off-site by steel fabricators and they installed on site on request;
  • The construction process is short with steel structures because they are easy to erect and assemble, which contributes to faster project completion;
  • Steel structures are easy to transport as they are lightweight compared to concrete construction;
  • Steel structures can be easily fabricated and produced in a large amount, and they are very versatile and can be easily assemble, disassembled and replaced;
  • The steel structure is eco-friendly and they are easily recycled without pollution and they can be reused on different occasions.

To suit different needs, there are different types of steel structures, including steel structure workshop, steel structure shed, light steel structure, heavy steel structures, crane steel structures, industrial steel structure, prefabricated steel structures and other custom steel structures.

steel structure installation on site
steel structure installation on site

Where to Get Reliable and Suitable Steel Structure Solutions

As a reputable and reliable manufacturer, our company not only provides all types of lifting equipment including overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib crane, hoists, winches, travel lift and so on, but also supplies steel structures to suit different work requirements. If you are looking for a steel structure solution, it is suggested to choose and cooperate with a manufacturer with much experience and good reputation in this industry, which can make sure you get a right and quality structural steel solution with reasonable price.

Before making the decision, it is necessary for you to know exactly about your actual needs about the steel structure, and pay attention to quality and price, and then make the smart and wise choice among so many steel structure suppliers. For more details on steel structure designs and production, just contact us without hesitation and you will get the reply very quickly from us.

steel structure warehouse
Steel Structure Designs

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