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Straddle Carrier Crane

A straddle carrier crane is a specialized piece of heavy lifting equipment used for handling and transporting prefabricated beams and other types of heavy loads. This type of straddle crane is widely used in precast plant, on construction site and other occasions, allowing for efficient and precise movement of long and heavy beams and other items. Aicrane provides well-suited straddle carrier solutions for various requirements.

straddle crane machine
straddle crane machine

Straddle Carriers: The Heavy Lifting Experts

Straddle carriers are specialized equipment designed to transport and handle large and heavy loads. These straddle carrier systems have a distinctive design featuring large legs that straddle the load, providing stability and control during transportation. In the context of precast beam transfer, straddle carriers prove their prowess by efficiently moving sizeable concrete elements within construction sites.

Straddle Crane in Prefabrication Yard

Function and Purpose

  • Transport or stack precast concrete beams from the casting pedestal to designated locations.
  • Load precast concrete beams onto transport vehicles.
  • The straddle carrier crane in the prefabrication yard can also be used for lifting other items within the rated lifting weight (such as steel reinforcements and formwork) to complete tasks that may assist in prefabrication yard construction.
crane solution in precast yard
straddle carrier crane in precast yard

Operating Modes

  • For box girders, U-shaped beams, T-shaped beams, and I-shaped beams, the straddle crane uses dual lifting points for hoisting and transportation, or two straddle cranes can be used for dual lifting.
  • For segmented beams, the straddle carrier gantry crane uses a single lifting point for heavy loads hoisting and transportation.

Main Technical Parameters

straddle crane for precast yard
straddle crane for precast yard

Technical parameters
Rated Lifting Capacity 50-900 ton
Span 5~40 meter
Maximum Lifting Height 5~20 meter
Steering Method Independent steering driven by hydraulic cylinders
Travel Method Tire-type hydraulic driving
Trolley Full Load Lateral Travel Speed 0~5 m/min
Trolley Empty Load Lateral Travel Speed 0~10 m/min
Trolley Empty Load Lifting Speed 0~6 m/min
Trolley Full Load Lifting Speed 0~3 m/min
Crane Full Load Travel Speed 0~10 m/min (on even ground)
Crane Empty Load Travel Speed 0~20 m/min (on even ground)
Operating Environment Temperature 0°C~+50°C
Operating Environment Wind Speed Working ≤ 6 (wind speed 20 m/s), Non-working ≤ 11 (wind speed 42 m/s)

Straddle Carrier Case – DTL 800ton Crane Used in Prefab Yard

In this case, two straddle carrier cranes need to work together to move the prefabricated heavy beams from the beam manufacturing area to the beam storage area and the beam lifting station by moving vertically and horizontally (the wheel set turns 90 degrees in situ). The span of the crane is 23m and the lifting height is 11m. Due to the high flexibility, the work efficiency has been greatly improved with using the straddle carriers in the yard.

800ton straddle carriers transferring heavy beams
800ton straddle carriers transferring heavy beams
DTL 800ton for prefab yard
DTL 800ton straddle crane for prefab yard
straddle carrier 800ton in prefab yard
straddle carrier crane 800ton in prefab yard

Benefits of Straddle Carriers in Precast Beam Transfer

  • Heavy Load Capacity: Straddle carrier cranes are designed to handle substantial loads, making them ideal for transferring large and weighty precast beams, which would be challenging for conventional equipment.
  • Precision Placement: The accurate control systems of straddle carriers allow for precise positioning of precast beams at assembly points, ensuring alignment and structural integrity.
  • Time and Labor Savings: The efficiency of straddle cranes reduces the time required for precast beam transfer, enhancing overall project timelines. Additionally, fewer personnel are needed for heavy lifting tasks.
  • Site Accessibility: Straddle carrier cranes can navigate through tight spaces and uneven terrains, ensuring accessibility to various areas of the construction site.

The tire-type straddle carrier crane is a technologically advanced piece of equipment that plays a crucial role in transporting and lifting heavy concrete precast beams in prefabrication yards. It ensures efficiency, safety, and precision in the construction process.

DTL 300ton for sale
DTL 300ton straddle carrier for sale

Straddle Carrier for Cross-line Construction

Rubber-tire straddle carrier crane is used for cross-line installation of precast bridge segments, including lifting precast segments from transport vehicles, moving them across construction lines to the installation position, and then installing, aligning, and joining the precast segments.

200 ton straddle carrier design
200 ton straddle carrier solution

Operating Modes

  • For double-track bridges, both crane trolleys can work simultaneously to enhance efficiency.
  • For single-track bridges, a single crane trolley is commonly used. The lifting gear utilizes a rotating mechanism that allows adjustments in three directions to achieve the required segment orientation for construction.

Working Principle

This tire-type straddle crane machine for crossing construction is a high-tech “mechanical-electrical-hydraulic” integrated product. It employs full hydraulic driving for movement, electric winches for lifting, and independent steering for each suspended wheel group through an “electro-mechanical-hydraulic” controlled steering system.

Key Technical Parameters

DTL200ton crane
straddle crane for cross-line construction application
Technical parameters
Rated Lifting Capacity 50-900 ton
Span 10~40 meter
Lifting Height (from ground to top of box beam) 5~40 meter
Steering Method Independent steering driven by hydraulic cylinders
Travel Method Tire-type hydraulic driving
Gradient ±2%
Trolley Full Load Lateral Travel Speed 0~5 m/min
Trolley Empty Load Lateral Travel Speed 0~10 m/min
Trolley Empty Load Lifting Speed 0~6 m/min
Trolley Full Load Lifting Speed 0~3 m/min
Crane Full Load Travel Speed 0~15 m/min (on even ground)
Transporter Empty Load Travel Speed 0~30 m/min (on even ground)
Operating Environment Temperature 0°C~+50°C
Operating Environment Wind Speed Working ≤ 6 (wind speed 20 m/s), Non-working ≤ 11 (wind speed 42 m/s)

Case study – DTL 180 ton straddle carrier for sale

Crane design and solution for the customer

DTL 180t straddle crane design

180ton straddle lift crane design and solution
180 ton straddle crane design and solution
Straddle crane works on site
180t straddle carrier for sale
180t straddle carrier for sale
straddle machine for beams handling
straddle carrier for beams handling
DTL 180ton for bridge construction site
DTL 180ton straddle crane for bridge construction site

The straddle crane for crossing construction is an advanced piece of equipment designed to handle the complexities of installing prefabricated bridge segments over construction lines. The precision and versatility of this tyre mounted gantry crane contribute to efficient and safe construction operations.

Straddle Crane for Special-Purpose

The special-purpose tire crane is characterized by its maneuverability, flexibility, and convenient scheduling. It finds applications in various settings such as tunnel construction, port terminals, and both indoor and outdoor areas of large workpiece production workshops. It can be designed according to the specific requirements of construction conditions and lifting objects. The DTL100 tunnel roof laying tire crane is designed specifically for the unique conditions of tunnel roof laying, offering ease of operation and high efficiency.

Main Components of the Crane

The DTL100 tunnel roof laying tire crane primarily consists of a main beam, support legs, tire-type traveling trolley, hydraulic transmission system, hydraulic braking system, steering system, generator set, electrical system, microelectronic control system, lifting system, and safety devices.

DTL 100 ton straddle carrier crane for sale

100ton straddle carrier crane design solution for the specific requirements

DTL 100ton crane design

100ton stradlle machine design
100ton stradlle crane design
Detailed parameters:
crane for special uses
straddle crane for special uses
Technical parameters
Rated Lifting Capacity 100 ton
Span 18 meter
Lifting Height (from ground to top of box beam) 15 meter
Steering Method Independent steering driven by hydraulic cylinders
Travel Method Tire-type hydraulic driving
Gradient ±2%
Number of Suspended Beams 8
Drive Axles / Non-Drive Axles 2/6
Tire Model 23.5R25
Trolley Full Load Lateral Travel Speed 0~2.0 m/min
Trolley Empty Load Lateral Travel Speed 0~4.0 m/min
Trolley Empty Load Lifting Speed 0~3.0 m/min
Trolley Full Load Lifting Speed 0~1.5 m/min
Crane Full Load Travel Speed 0~15 m/min (on even ground)
Transporter Empty Load Travel Speed 0~30 m/min (on even ground)
Operating Environment Temperature 0°C~+50°C
Maximum Relative Humidity 60%
Operating Environment Wind Speed Working ≤ 6 (wind speed 20 m/s), Non-working ≤ 11 (wind speed 42 m/s)
100ton straddle carrier used for tunnel construction site
straddle crane for special application
straddle crane for special application
DTL100ton used on tunnel construction site
straddle crane 100ton used on tunnel construction site

The special-purpose straddle crane, exemplified by the DTL100 ton straddle carrier for sale used for tunnel roof laying, offers tailored solutions for specific construction conditions, delivering efficient and safe operations in a variety of challenging environments.

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Several Methods to Transport Concrete Prefabricated Beams

  • Using Lifting Gear: Specially designed lifting gear such as concrete beam slings, hooks, etc., can be used to connect the prefabricated beam to the straddle carrier crane’s lifting apparatus. The beam is then lifted and transported to the target location. These lifting gear are typically customized based on the beam’s shape and size to ensure safe lifting.
  • Multi-Point Lifting: For large concrete prefabricated beams, multiple lifting points can be used for lifting. Multi-point lifting can balance the weight of the beam and enhance overall stability.
  • Flatbed Lifting: For large and flat concrete prefabricated beams, flatbeds can be used for lifting. Flatbeds provide a uniform support surface, helping to maintain balance during lifting.
  • Angle Lifting: If the shape of the concrete prefabricated beam is irregular, lifting at an appropriate angle based on its structural characteristics can help maintain balance and stability.
  • Using Slings: Slings can be employed to connect the beam to the straddle carrier’s lifting apparatus, providing additional support and stability to ensure the beam remains balanced during transportation.
  • Using Auxiliary Equipment: In some cases, auxiliary equipment such as rails or support structures might be necessary to assist the straddle carrier crane machine in moving the concrete prefabricated beam to the target location.
  • Combined Lifting: For complex transportation tasks, multiple hoisting machines or lifting devices might need to be combined to address different scenarios.
tyre mounted straddle crane for transferring beams
tyre mounted straddle crane for transferring beams
two straddle carriers working together for beams transporting
two straddle carriers working together for beams transporting
crane handling heavy beam using two lifting points
crane handling heavy beam using two lifting points

Whichever lifting method is chosen, it’s crucial to ensure safe operations and select appropriate lifting gear and strategies based on factors such as the beam’s weight, shape, and the project environment. Detailed planning and risk assessment must be conducted before lifting to ensure the safety and smooth progress of the project.

Straddle Machine Structure – Main Components

A straddle carrier crane is mainly composed of a gantry, a rubber-tire travel trolley, a hydraulic transmission system, a hydraulic braking system, a steering system, a generator unit, an electrical system, a micro-electronic control system, a hoisting system, and safety devices etc.

  • Main Beam (Gantry): The main beam is the primary supporting structure of the straddle carrier crane, responsible for bearing and distributing the weight of the load. It is often a framework structure that provides stable support in various directions.
  • Lifting Mechanism: The lifting mechanism is responsible for raising and lowering the load. It typically includes a winch, wire ropes, chains, etc., used to achieve the upward and downward movement of the load.
  • Traveling Mechanism: The traveling mechanism allows the straddle carrier crane to move within the working area. This includes the driving device, wheel axles, tracks, etc., used to propel and control the movement of the straddle carrier on the ground or tracks.
  • Steering Mechanism: The steering mechanism enables the straddle carrier machine to change direction. It can be hydraulic or mechanical, used to achieve steering and lateral movement of the hoisting machine.
  • Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system provides power and control for the straddle carrier. It includes hydraulic pumps, cylinders, hydraulic lines, etc., used to control various actions and movements.
  • Electrical System: The electrical system controls the operation and functions of the straddle lift crane. It includes electric motors, control panels, sensors, safety devices, etc.
  • Lifting Accessories: Lifting accessories are components used to connect the straddle carrier to the load, including hooks, slings, clamps, etc. The choice of lifting accessories depends on the shape, weight, and characteristics of the load.
  • Safety Devices: Safety devices ensure the safe operation of the straddle carrier crane. They can include limit switches, overload protection devices, emergency stop buttons, etc.
  • Control System: The control system is used to operate and control the various functions of the straddle machine. It can be manual control, remote control, or an automatic control system, ensuring precise operation and safety of the straddle crane machine.

straddle crane structure

Advantages of Using Straddle Carrier Cranes

Using a straddle carrier crane offers several advantages, especially in scenarios involving heavy lifting, transportation, and logistical operations. Here are some key advantages of using straddle carrier cranes:

  • Heavy Load Capacity: Straddle carrier cranes are designed to handle substantial loads, often with lifting capacities that exceed those of traditional cranes. This makes them well-suited for transporting heavy materials, such as containers, precast elements, and large machinery.
  • Versatility: Straddle carrier cranes are adaptable to various types of loads and materials. They can handle not only standard containers but also irregularly shaped or bulky items, providing versatility in handling diverse cargo.
  • Precise Positioning: Straddle carrier cranes offer advanced control systems that allow for precise positioning of loads. This accuracy is crucial when placing heavy items in specific locations, such as on trucks, ships, or assembly points.
  • Efficient Space Utilization: The straddle design of these cranes allows them to straddle loads, which means they don’t require a dedicated overhead structure like traditional cranes. This results in efficient use of space in storage yards, ports, and construction sites.
  • Mobility: Straddle carriers are equipped with wheels or tracks that enable them to move both laterally and longitudinally. This mobility allows them to navigate tight spaces and congested areas, making them suitable for busy and confined environments.
  • Minimized Infrastructure Requirements: Unlike fixed cranes that require substantial infrastructure like overhead beams or fixed bases, straddle carrier cranes can operate with minimal infrastructure, reducing construction and maintenance costs.
  • Logistical Efficiency: Straddle carrier machines are well-suited for logistical operations, such as loading and unloading cargo from ships or trucks. Their ability to directly transfer loads from the storage area to transportation vehicles reduces the need for intermediate handling steps.
  • Time Savings: The combination of heavy lifting capabilities, precise positioning, and efficient transportation translates to time savings in various operations. This is particularly beneficial in industries where timely delivery and quick turnarounds are essential.
  • Reduced Labor Dependency: Straddle carrier crane reduces the need for manual labor in tasks involving heavy lifting and transportation. This not only increases operational efficiency but also lowers the risk of on-site injuries.
  • Enhanced Safety: These straddle cranes are designed with safety features such as load monitoring, anti-collision systems, and stability controls. This enhances overall safety for both operators and the surrounding environment.

straddle lift crane with wide uses

tire straddle crane

Selection Guide – How to Choose a Suitable Straddle Carrier Solution to Suit Your Needs

Choosing a suitable straddle carrier crane for heavy beams handling requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure that the equipment meets your operational needs, safety requirements, and budget. Here’s a selection guide to help you make a smart decision:

  • Define Your Requirements: Determine the maximum weight and dimensions of the heaviest loads you will handle. This information will guide you in selecting a straddle carrier crane with the appropriate lifting capacity and dimensions. Identify the typical distance the straddle carrier needs to transport the heavy loads. This will impact the mobility and speed specifications you need.
  • Lifting Capacity: Choose a straddle carrier crane with a lifting capacity that comfortably exceeds the weight of the heaviest beams or loads you’ll handle. It’s advisable to have a safety margin to account for potential variations in load weight.
  • Size and Dimensions: Consider the size of the beams and other items in terms of length, width, and height. Ensure that the straddle carrier’s lifting arms and overall dimensions can accommodate them without any issues.
  • Mobility and Maneuverability: Assess the layout of your site, including narrow spaces, turns, and obstacles. Choose a straddle carrier crane with the appropriate mobility features, such as the ability to navigate tight corners and uneven terrain.
  • Control Systems: Opt for a straddle crane with advanced control systems that offer precise positioning and movement. This is crucial for accurately placing heavy beams during assembly.
  • Safety Features:Look for safety features like load monitoring, anti-collision systems, stability controls, and emergency stop mechanisms. These features ensure safe operation and prevent accidents.
  • Power Source: Choose the suitable power sourch for the straddle carrier crane based on your environmental considerations and energy availability, like electric straddle carrier and hydraulic straddle carrier.
  • Operational Efficiency: Evaluate the speed and efficiency of the straddle carrier in terms of lifting, transporting, and positioning heavy beams. A more efficient carrier can improve productivity and project timelines.
  • Budget Considerations: Define your budget for purchasing and maintaining the straddle carrier. Compare different models and suppliers to find the best value for your investment.

By thoroughly assessing your operational requirements, safety considerations, and budget constraints, you can choose a suitable straddle carrier gantry crane that will effectively handle heavy beams and other objects and contribute to the overall success of your projects.

straddle carrier crane
straddle carrier crane

Some Key Factors Influencing Straddle Carrier Price

A straddle carrier price can be influenced by a variety of factors due to the complexity and customization options available in the specialized straddle machines. Here are some key factors that can affect the whole straddle carrier crane cost:

  • Lifting Capacity: The lifting capacity of the straddle carrier, which is usually measured in tons, is a significant factor in determining its price. Higher lifting capacities generally require more robust components and engineering, contributing to a higher cost.
  • Specifications: The specific features, technical specifications, and performance capabilities of the straddle carrier can affect its price. This includes factors like maximum lifting height, reach, travel speed, stability systems, and more.
  • Customization: Straddle carriers can often be customized to meet specific operational needs. Customizations may include specialized attachments, lifting mechanisms, control systems, and safety features. The more customization required, the higher the straddle carrier cost may be.
  • Brand and Manufacturer: Established and reputable manufacturers often offer higher-quality equipment, which can come at a premium. Recognizable brands with a proven track record of reliability might have higher initial costs.
  • Technology and Automation: Advanced technology, such as automation capabilities and remote control systems, can add to the straddle carrier price. These features enhance efficiency but also come with an associated price.
  • Materials and Build Quality: The quality of materials used in construction and the overall build quality can impact the price. More durable materials and superior craftsmanship might increase the cost.
  • Market Demand: Market demand and supply can influence prices. High demand for straddle carriers in a particular region or industry might lead to higher prices.
  • After-Sales Services: Some manufacturers might offer comprehensive after-sales services, including maintenance, training, and technical support. These services can add value but also contribute to the overall cost.
  • Additional Costs: In addition to the base price of the straddle carrier, there might be additional costs like shipping, taxes, import duties, installation, and others.

Why Choose Aicrane as Your Straddle Carrier Manufacturer

Choosing Aicrane as your straddle carrier manufacturer can offer numerous benefits due to our expertise, experience, and comprehensive range of services. Here are some reasons shown as below for your reference:

  • Expertise and Experience: Aicrane boasts a wealth of experience in the field of lifting and material handling equipment. With years of industry knowledge, we have refined our manufacturing processes and developed innovative solutions to meet various customer requirements.
  • Customization: Aicrane understands that one size doesn’t fit all. We offer customization options, allowing the customers to tailor the straddle carriers to the specific operational requirements. Whether it’s lifting capacity, features, or technical specifications, we can accommodate your unique needs.
  • Quality and Standards: We are committed to producing high-quality lifting equipment that adheres to international standards and certifications. Our dedication to quality ensures that the straddle carrier cranes provided by us are reliable, durable, and built to perform in demanding environments.
  • Comprehensive Services: From consultation and solution design to installation, training, and after-sales support, Aicrane provides one-stop services to ensure a seamless experience throughout the equipment’s lifecycle.
  • Technical Expertise: We have a team of skilled engineers and technicians who possess in-depth technical knowledge. This expertise enables us to provide efficient solutions, troubleshoot issues, and offer technical guidance.
our team serving customers
customer-service team
Aicrane service experts
  • Innovation: Aicrane continually invests in research and development to integrate the latest technology and innovations into their equipment. This means you’ll have access to modern features and advancements that can enhance efficiency and safety.
  • Safety and Compliance: Straddle carriers involve complex operations and safety considerations. Aicrane prioritizes safety features in the designs, helping the customers maintain a secure working environment for operators and cargo.
  • Factory Strength: We have own factory covering an area of 200,000 square meters, and our production license covers all kinds of cranes and other lifting equipment. Fast production and delivery can be guaranteed and competitive prices can be provided for the customers.
  • Positive Reputation: Aicrane has built a positive reputation in the crane industry due to our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and reliable lifting equipment. We have received many positive reviews and references from our customers all over the world.
  • Range of Equipment: Aicrane’s portfolio extends beyond straddle carrier cranes to include various other lifting and material handling equipment. This means we provide diverse tailor-made lifting solutions in accordance with a wide range of applications.
crane manufacturing
crane factory
production factory

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