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Telescoping Jib Crane

Want to save time and increase working efficiency? Aim at saving money and lifting more heavy loads? With a telescoping jib crane, you can get all the advantages. This equipment belongs to electrically operated machine that lift up loads about 20 tons. And as a revolutionary device, this crane is able to rotate 360 degree, which extend the working range highly. Contact us now, you can get high quality lifting equipment in the cheapest price.

Advantages of Our Telescoping Jib Cranes

Telescopic jib crane of Aimix has many advantages, you can benefit from this equipment every aspect. This crane has modular design, which is easy to install. And maintenance becomes easily because of this compact design. We provide you professional guiding on how to install the jib crane if necessary. Of course, free training is included.

With this jib, you can carry objects all direction covers the boom span. Jib boom can rotate 360 degree, and match an electric hoist, jib crane can lift loads along jib beam in horizontal movement. The maximum rotation is 360 degree, you can choose customized options. Besides, this crane has telescoping jib boom, which helps set loads wherever needed. For factory requires accurate position transporting, this crane is absolute the best choice.

You can choose variable speed control design jib crane for your factory if necessary. Aimix provides two types of hoist to match with your jib, AQ-CD single speed hoist and AQ-MD double speed hoist. AQ-MD hoist has slow and fast speed mode. You can choose a double speed hoist for your crane, by which your jib can have variable speed. We provide chain hoist and wire rope hoist for your jib. Choose the one suits your factory best.

This model jib is stable and rigidity. It has triangle base supporting by six anchor bolts equally, this structure makes crane of high strength. And slewing device on the end of jib arm helps crane rotating smoothly and easily. Moreover, we give you cheap price compared to other company on the market.

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