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Towing Winch

Different types of towing winch are commonly found on various types of vessels, including tugboats, offshore support vessels, and even some larger cargo ships to handle and control marine towing operations. A winch for towing is typically installed on the deck of a ship and is designed to deploy, retrieve, and control a towline or towing hawser. Aicrane provides a wide range of marine towing winches to suit different requirements.

towing winch used on tugboat
towing winch used on tugboat

Marine Hydraulic Towing Winch Provided for Our Client

  • This client came from New Caledonia, he needed a marine winch for towing, he searched the keyword hydraulic towing winch on Google and found Aicrane website, he checked the website and some pages, and then he sent the inquiry to us for a quotation. After receiving the inquiry, our project consultant contacted the client soon to know his actual requirements.
  • During the communication, the client told us he needed a tugger winch to replace the old one, but didn’t need the hydraulic pump station and wire rope. Considering the specific towing needs, we recommended him a 8 ton hydraulic towing winch with both pneumatic and manual brakes to meet all the requirements.
  • The client was not sure whether our winch base could match the original foundation, in order to solve the problem, we offered him the detailed drawing and modify the winch base design; as for the anti-corrosion feature, we installed the plate for the winch base.
  • Due to our professionalism in the winch solution providing and rapid response, the customer accepted our solution and confirmed the order finally.
hydraulic winch with spooling device
Aicrane hydraulic winch with spooling device
8 ton hydraulic towing winch for sale
8 ton hydraulic towing winch for sale

Winch Parameters:

Type Single drum Marine tow winch
Working load 8T-10.8m/min (3rd layer), 4T-21.6m/min (3rd layer)
Drum capacity φ40mm*400m (Total 7 layers)
Holding load 90T (3rd layer, static)
Belt brake pneumatic operated + manual operated
Warping load 9.6T-5.8m/min, 4.8T-11.6m/min
Jaw clutch Manual operated

Different Towing Winch Solutions

There are several towing winch solutions available in Aicrane, designed to meet different requirements and vessel types. According to different classifications, there are different winch towing machines. Check the following winch types for your reference.

Classified according to power mode

  • Electric Towing Winch: As the name suggests, an electric towing winch is powered by electricity. It typically uses an electric motor to drive the winching mechanism. Electric tugger winches have wide applications due to the compact design and structure.
  • Hydraulic Towing Winch: A hydraulic towing winch is powered by hydraulic pressure. It utilizes a hydraulic motor to drive the winching mechanism, and the required hydraulic pressure is generated by a hydraulic power pack or an existing hydraulic system on the towing vehicle. Generally, the towing hydraulic winches has larger pull force compared with electric ones.
electric tugger winches
electric towing winches
hydraulic winch for marine towing operations
hydraulic towing winch

In addition to electric and hydraulic towing winches, there are also diesel and pneumatic towing winches to suit different customers requirements.

Classified according to winch drum structure

  • Single Drum Towing Winch: This is a basic type of towing winch, consisting of a single drum around which the towing line is wound. It is suitable for smaller vessels and less demanding towing operations.
  • Double Drum Towing Winch: A double drum winch features two separate drums, each with its own towing line. This design allows for more versatility in towing operations, such as simultaneous towing of multiple objects or independent control of different lines.
  • Waterfall Towing Winch: Waterfall style winches for towing are designed for towing operations that require multiple towing lines to be deployed or retrieved simultaneously. They feature multiple drums stacked vertically, allowing for efficient management of multiple towlines.
single drum winch for towing operations
single drum towing winch
double drum tow marine winch
double drum towing winch
waterfall type winch for towing
waterfall style towing winch

The choice of winch solution depends on the specific needs of the towing operation. Factors like load capacity, speed requirements, available power sources, and budget constraints will all play a role in determining the most suitable winch for a particular application.

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Where Are the Towing Winches Commonly Used?

Towing winches, also known as tugger winches, have a wide range of applications across various industries and vessels. Here are a few examples of the diverse range of applications for winch towing machines. The specific design and features of the winch may vary based on the intended application and vessel type.

  • Used on Tugboats: Towing winches are extensively used on tugboats for harbor and offshore towing operations. They enable the tugboat to maneuver and control vessels, barges, or other floating objects, providing the necessary pulling power and line management.
  • Use on Offshore Support Vessels: Offshore support vessels, including anchor handling tugs/supply vessels (AHTS) and platform supply vessels (PSV), utilize tow winches for anchor handling, rig moves, and towing operations in offshore oil and gas fields.
  • Used for Salvage and Rescue Operations: Towing winch plays a crucial role in salvage and rescue operations by assisting in the recovery and towing of distressed vessels or objects. The winches can provide the necessary power and control to stabilize and maneuver the vessel or object during the salvage process.
  • Used for Dredging and Marine Construction: The winches are used in dredging and marine construction activities. They assist in moving and positioning dredgers, barges, and other equipment involved in dredging operations or marine infrastructure construction.
  • Used for Aquaculture: Towing marine winches are utilized in the aquaculture industry for operations such as moving fish cages, nets, and other equipment used in fish farming.
  • Used for Ship Assists: Winch towing equipment are employed during ship assist operations to assist large vessels in docking, undocking, or maneuvering within confined spaces, such as ports or narrow channels.
  • Used for Military and Defense: Marine winches designed for towing operations are utilized in naval operations for towing and maneuvering vessels, as well as for recovery and rescue operations.
  • Used on Recreational Boating: Towing winches can also be found on larger recreational boats, such as yachts and cruisers, for activities like water skiing, wakeboarding, or towing inflatable toys.
Aicrane towing winch
Aicrane towing winch

Key Components and Features of a Winch for Towing

The primary purpose of a towing marine winch is to provide the necessary pulling power to maneuver and control a towed object, such as another vessel, a barge, or an oil rig. The winch consists of a drum, around which the towing line is wound, and a series of mechanical or hydraulic systems that enable the controlled operation of the winch.

  • Drum: The drum is a cylindrical spool around which the towing line is wound. It provides storage for the line and facilitates controlled deployment and retrieval.
  • Brake System: The winch is equipped with a brake system to control the tension and prevent the drum from rotating freely when the towline is under load. It ensures that the towing line can be held securely or released gradually as required.
  • Clutch: A clutch mechanism allows the winch operator to engage or disengage the drum from the main drive system. This feature is useful for quick deployment or retrieval of the towline.
  • Drive System: The drive system provides the power to rotate the drum and control the movement of the towing line. It can be powered by an electric motor, hydraulic motor, or other suitable means depending on the specific winch design.
  • Control Systems: Towing winches are typically equipped with control systems that allow the operator to regulate the speed and tension of the towline. This can be done through manual controls or more advanced systems with automation features.
  • Fairleads: Fairleads are guides or rollers installed on the winch or the deck to ensure the proper alignment and fair lead of the towing line as it enters or leaves the winch.

Selection Guide – How to Choose a Suitable Towing Winch for a Tugboat

When selecting a tow winch for a tugboat, there are specific considerations to keep in mind due to the unique requirements of tugboat operations. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Towing Capacity: Assess the maximum towing load or pulling capacity required for the tugboat. Consider the size and weight of the vessels or objects the tugboat is likely to tow. The winch should have a sufficient pulling capacity to handle the expected loads.
  • Drum Capacity and Line Length: Evaluate the required length and diameter of the towing line based on the expected towing distances and operational needs. The winch should have a drum capacity that can accommodate the desired length of the towing line.
  • Control System: Tugboats often require precise control over the towing line. Consider advanced control systems that allow for fine-tuning of tension and line deployment. This can include features such as variable speed control and automated tension management.
  • Dynamic Braking: Tugboats frequently engage in dynamic and sudden changes in towing forces. Select a winch with dynamic braking capabilities to handle quick load changes and provide reliable control during maneuvers.
  • Line Monitoring and Tensioning: Look for winches with line monitoring systems that provide real-time information on line tension and allow for adjustments as needed. This helps ensure safe towing operations and prevents line failures.
  • Durability and Corrosion Resistance: Tugboats operate in challenging marine environments. Choose a winch that is built to withstand corrosion and has robust construction to handle the demands of frequent towing operations.
  • Space Considerations: Evaluate the available deck space on the tugboat. Ensure that the winch can be appropriately installed and fits within the allocated space while allowing for safe and efficient operation.
  • Safety Features: Prioritize safety by selecting a winch with safety features such as overload protection, emergency stop functions, and fail-safe mechanisms. These features help protect personnel and equipment during towing operations.
  • Compliance and Classification: Consider compliance with industry standards and classification requirements specific to tugboats. Ensure that the selected winch meets relevant regulations and specifications.
  • Manufacturer and Support: Choose a reputable manufacturer with experience in tugboat winch systems. Consider product quality, after-sales support, and availability of spare parts.

It matter a lot to select a piece of suitable and reliable boat towing equipement for ensuring safe and efficient towing operations. If you are searching for a right winch solution for your tugboat, please just feel free to tell us your requirements to get a reliable recommendation.

winch used on a tugboat
towing winch for tugboat

Aicrane Marine Towing Winches for Sale

While you are looking for a winch solution for your offshore marine towing operations, it matters a lot to cooperate with an experienced towing winch supplier for a right winch recommendation. As one of the reputable and reliable towing winch manufacturers, we have been in winch industry for many years and our marine towing winch for sale has been in more and more countries and regions.
Aicrane is committed to providing suitable and cost-effective winch solutions for customers, including tugger winch, mooring winch, anchor winch and other winches. No matter electric, hydraulic or diesel tugger winches you need, you can just get in touch with us for a right winch solution.

Aicrane solution
Aicrane winch solution

Aicrane Services Provided for Customers

  • Pre-sale services: Aicrane provides consultation, quotation offering, design and solution providing services.
  • On-sale services: Aicrane offers product manufacturing, containers booking, delivery, customs document providing and other services as the customers require.
  • After-sale services: Aicrane after-sales services mainly include installation, commissioning, maintenance, training and technical support etc.
winch factory
winch delivery
winch installation
Aicrane after-sales team
after-sales team

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