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Two 5ton Electric Winch Delivered to Indonesia

Two sets of 5 ton electric winch have been packed and delivered to Jakarta, Indonesia. The two electric winches are Aicrane AQ-JM series slow speed winch, they will be used on construction site for lifting heavy materials.

5ton winch to Indonesia
5ton winch to Indonesia

electric winches for in Indonesia
electric winches for in Indonesia

Technical Parameters of the AQ-JM Slow Speed Winch Indonesia

Model AQ-JM Electric Winch
Rated load 50 KN
Diameter of wirerope φ21.5mm
Rated speed 9.5m/min
Rope capacity 500m

electric winch 5ton for Indonesia
electric winch 5ton for Indonesia

electrical control box
electrical control box

winch packing
winch packing

Why Did the Client Choose Aicrane?

  • Professional solution team: Aicrane has professional project consultants and engineers who are responsible for providing suitable and cost-effective winch solution to meet all the requirements of the client. This client was very satisfied with our winch recommendation and he said the price is very reasonable.
  • Local agent: we have agent in Jakarta, which makes the client trust us more and have more confidence to cooperate with us.
  • Good reputation: we have exported many winches to Indonesia and the winch products have been highly recognized by our clients, and the client heard we have good reputation in Indonesia and decided to purchase the winches from Aicrane.
  • Excellent service: we have customer-service team and after-sales team responsible for production process updating, installation, commissioning, maintenance, training and so on, in order to serve the clients quicker and better. The client said our service team is very professional.

Types of Aicrane Winch for Indonesia

Aicrane provides various winch solutions for Indonesian customers, mainly including electric winch, hydraulic winch, diesel winch, construction winch, marine winch, mining winch, slipway winch and so on. We have been in Indonesia market for many years and we provide one-stop solutions for customers to suit different requirements; for special requirements, we offer custom options.

No matter what type of winch you need for your business or new project, you can just tell us for a suitable winch solution. We specialize in winch design, production, sales, installation and maitenance etc. Check the following winches for sale in Indonesia while you are considering buying one.

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