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What Are Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Parts?

A rubber tyred gantry crane, also know as RTG crane, is a specialized type of crane used for lifting and moving different types of materials and containers in precast yard, manufacturing plant, container terminals other logistics facilities. Rubber tyre cranes are equipped with rubber tyres, allowing them to travel on paved surfaces within the facility without the need for tracks. Due to its high mobility and flexibility, this kind of gantry cranes are widely used for different materials handling applications.

rubber tyred gantry crane for Saudi Arabia
rubber tyred gantry crane

Main Parts of a Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

The main parts of a rubber tyred gantry crane generally include the steel frame, hoisting mechanism, slewing mechanism, anti-shaking mechanism, crane traveling mechanism, turning mechanism, trolley tavelling mechanism, spreaders, and other essential components. From this part, you can know some detailed information about the rubber tyre gantry crane components and functions.

maine components of straddle crane
maine components of rtg gantry crane

Steel Frame

  • The steel frame forms the structural backbone of the RTG rubber tyred gantry crane, providing the structural support and stability for the entire crane.
  • Components of the steel frame include columns, beams, and braces designed to withstand the crane’s operational loads and environmental conditions.
  • The steel frame supports the hoisting mechanism, slewing mechanism, and other crane components.
  • It distributes the load from lifting operations and other crane movements to the ground through its columns, beams, and braces.

Hoisting Mechanism

  • The hoisting mechanism is responsible for lifting and lowering containers or other heavy loads, typically mounted on a trolley that travels along the gantry beam.
  • The hoist motor provides the necessary power to operate the lifting operation. Wire ropes or chains are wound around a drum connected to the hoist motor, which raises or lowers the spreaders (container spreader, C-frame lifting spreader, or other kinds of spreaders). The spreaders securely grips the container or other types of loads, allowing them to be lifted and moved.

Minimum Slewing Mechanism

  • The minimum slewing mechanism enables the rubber tired gantry crane to rotate horizontally to reach containers or specific loading/unloading positions.
  • The slewing mechanism enables the RTG gantry crane to rotate horizontally within a certain radius. The slewing motor powers the rotation, while the slewing gear transmits this rotational force to the upper structure of the crane. This mechanism allows the crane to reach containers or other loads positioned at different locations around the crane’s base.
  • Spreader Anti-Shaking Mechanism

    The spreader anti-shaking mechanism minimizes swinging or shaking of the spreader (container lifting device) during lifting and lowering operations. Anti-shaking mechanisms may include hydraulic dampers or stabilizers to ensure smooth and controlled container handling.

    Crane Travel Mechanism

    The crane travel mechanism enables the RTG to move along the predefined paths within container yard, prefabricated yard, logistics center and other facilities. Drive motors power the movement of the crane’s rubber tyres. The braking system ensures controlled stopping and positioning of the gantry crane.

    Turning Mechanism

    The turning mechanism allows the tyre mounted gantry crane to make precise turns within limited spaces. There are different steering systems and methods for precise maneuvering, such as straightforward movement, backforward movement, 360 degree turning around, 90 degree steering, Ackerman steering and more. To suit different work needs, different turning mechanisms are equipped with the crane.

    Trolley Traveling Mechanism

    The trolley traveling mechanism moves the hoisting mechanism (including the spreader) horizontally along the gantry beam, enabling precise positioning of the hoisting mechanism for heavy loads and containers handling. Trolley drive motors power the movement of the trolley, while rails or guides ensure smooth traversal along the gantry beam.

    Lifting Devices

    The lifting devices, typically the spreader, play a critical role in gripping and lifting containers or cargo. The spreader’s operation is coordinated with the hoisting mechanism to securely lift and position containers and other heavy materials during loading and unloading operations.

    Electrical Equipment

    Electrical equipment in an RTG gantry crane includes control panels, sensors, and wiring for operating various crane functions. Power distribution systems ensure that electricity is delivered to the different motors and mechanisms of the crane.

    Other Accessories

    Additional accessories and components may include the following items:

    • Operator cabins provide a control station for crane operators to monitor and control crane operations.
    • Safety features such as emergency stop buttons, alarms, and monitoring systems ensure safe working conditions.
    • Diesel generating sets may provide onboard power for crane operations in areas with limited electrical infrastructure.
    • Telemetry and Communication Systems: Enable remote monitoring and control of crane operations.

    Each of these parts and components plays a crucial role in the operation and functionality of a rubber tyred gantry crane, ensuring efficient and safe heavy loads handling operations in different facilities. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to ensure the reliability and safety of RTG crane operations.

    Where Can Be Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes Used?

    Rubber tyred gantry cranes are versatile and widely used in various industrial settings, including container handling operations. Here are the key locations and applications where rubber tyred gantry cranes are commonly used:

    • Container Terminals: Rubber tired cranes are extensively used in container terminals at ports for loading, unloading, stacking, and moving containers between ships, trucks, and storage yards. They play an important role in managing container throughput, optimizing yard space, and ensuring efficient cargo handling operations.
    • Railway Freight Terminals: Rubber tyred gantry cranes are used in railway freight terminals to handle containers and other cargo loaded onto or unloaded from railcars. They support efficient rail-to-road cargo transfer and contribute to the smooth operation of freight logistics.
    • Distribution Centers: RTG gantry cranes can be utilized in large distribution centers or logistics hubs for handling containers and managing inventory. They play a role in optimizing supply chain operations and ensuring timely delivery of goods.

    rubber tyre gantry crane for container handling

    • Industrial Facilities: Rubber gantry cranes are employed in industrial facilities such as crane for manufacturing plants and crane for precast yard, where heavy materials or equipment need to be lifted and moved. They assist in material handling tasks within the facility, improving productivity and workflow efficiency.

    rubber tyre gantry crane installed in Nigaragua

    • Shipbuilding Yards: RTG cranes are used in shipbuilding yards for lifting and moving ship components, machinery, and other large structures during the shipbuilding process. The cranes contribute to the assembly and construction of ships and vessels.
    • Construction Sites: In certain construction projects, RTG gantry cranes may be deployed for lifting and transporting construction materials, equipment, or prefabricated components. The rubber gantry cranes support construction operations by facilitating efficient material handling and site logistics.

    rubber tyred gantry crane used for transfer concrete blocks

    • Specialized Cargo Handling: RTG straddle cranes can be used for handling specialized cargo, including oversized or heavy items that require precise lifting and positioning. They provide versatility in cargo handling operations across different industries.

    straddle crane handling bridge beams

    Get to Know Aicrane Tailor-made Rubber Tyred Cranes

    Since rubber tyred gantry cranes are essential equipment in the logistics and transportation sectors, they are usually tailor-made to suit different work needs and specific requirements. Aicrane, as a professional and experienced gantry crane manufacturer and supplier, has provided many different rubber tyred gantry cranes for different customers, such as single beam rubber tyred crane, double beam rubber tyred crane, A-frame crane, U-frame crane. electric rubber tired gantry crane, hydraulic rubber gantry crane and other types of rubber tired cranes.

    single beam rubber gantry crane solution
    single beam rubber gantry crane
    double beam rubber tyre gantry crane solution
    double beam rubber tyred crane
    single beam rtg crane with wire rope hoists
    electric rtg crane
    hydraulic single beam rubber tired crane
    hydraulic rubber tired crane

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