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20 ton winches for Angola

20 Ton Electric Winches Delivered to Angola

Good news! Two Aicrane AQ-JM 20 ton electric winches have been successfully delivered to Angola. These two 20 ton winches are slow speed electric winch, adopting single drum style and with 180m rope capacity. This low speed electric winch is our hot-sale winch type, featuring wide applications, compact structure, competitive price and long service life. … Read more

slipway winch for Maldives

Slipway Winch Solution for Maldives

Recently, we received our customer’s feedback from Maldives about our winch product. For this customer, we provided a slipway winch solution for pulling boats ashore for maintenance. This customer told us our winch product was cost-effective and met all their requirements. Cooperation between Aicrane and the Customer We received the customer’s inquiry and knew their … Read more

5t electric winch for Saudi Arabia

5 ton Fast Speed Electric Winch Provided for Saudi Arabia

Recently, we received the positive feedback from one of our Saudi Arabian customers, he said he has used our electric winch and it worked reliably and efficiently on their work site for hoisting heavy loads. The winch we provided for the customer is our AQ-JK fast speed electric winch, the load capacity is 5 ton, … Read more

Aicrane winches for Singapore

Electric Slow Speed Winches Shipped to Singapore

Aicrane four sets of slow speed electric winches have been shipped to Singapore, recently, we received the customer’s positive feedback, he said the electric winches work safely and efficiently, which has greatly improved the work efficiency. Read on to know more details about this case. The winches provided for the customer is our AQ-JM series … Read more

marine hydraulic winch for Australia

20 ton Hydraulic Marine Winches for Positioning Boats

Good News!8 sets of marine hydraulic winch 20 ton have been shipped to Australia, and these marine winches will be used for positioning boats as required. These eight positioning winches adopt wireless remote control and they can be operated and controlled by one person at the same time when they work. This Australian customer had … Read more

3ton electric winch

3ton Electric Winch Shipped to Saudi Arabia

Recently, a 3 ton electric winch has been shipped to Saudi Arabia for our customer, this winch is Aicrane AQ-JM slow speed electric winch, and it is used for handling heavy materials as required. The customer told us the winch now works efficiently and safely without any problems and he would like to buy several … Read more

30ton electric winch

5 ton and 30 ton Electric Winches Exported to Nigeria

Aicrane one 5 ton winch and two 30 ton electric winches were exported to Nigeria. The three winches are our AQ-JM series slow speed electric winches and will be used to handle boats for shore maintenance. On-site Inspection of Aicrane Team Before purchasing the winch, our project consultants and technician went to Nigeria for the … Read more

3 ton winches for sale in Philippines

Electric Slow Speed Winches for A Customer in the Philippines

Recently, three electric slow speed winches were delivered to Cagayan de Oro city, Philippines. The rated load of the electric winch is 3 ton and it is our hot-sale winch type – AQ-JM slow speed winch. These 3 ton electric winches will be used on construction site for heavy loads handling as required. Read on … Read more

electric winch 10 ton

10 Ton Electric Winch Purchased by Indonesian Customer

Recently, a 10 ton electric winch was ordered by an Indonesian customer and has been delivered to Jakarta, Indonesia. This electric winch is equipped with two brakes to guarantee the safer use. This winch is slow speed winch used for heavy loads handling as required. Why Did the Indonesian Customer Recognize Aicrane? Professional winch solution: … Read more

5ton winch to Indonesia

Two 5ton Electric Winch Delivered to Indonesia

Two sets of 5 ton electric winch have been packed and delivered to Jakarta, Indonesia. The two electric winches are Aicrane AQ-JM series slow speed winch, they will be used on construction site for lifting heavy materials. Technical Parameters of the AQ-JM Slow Speed Winch Indonesia Model AQ-JM Electric Winch Rated load 50 KN Diameter … Read more