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Winch UAE

Aicrane winch UAE can be designed in different types and with different configurations to suit various requirements. We have exported many winch products to UAE and we have accumulated many customers there. If you are looking for a reliable winch supplier for UAE, Aicrane will be your ideal choice.

Aicrane winch design

Aicrane Electric Winch

  • Load capacity: 1-200t
  • Rope capacity: 20-3600m
  • Work speed: 5-20m/min (single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
  • Customized solutions provided

Winch Features: This type of electric winch has the following features: reasonable design and compact structure, wide applications, convenient installation and operation, high safety and durability, and competitive price.

Winch Cases in UAE

Aicrane provide both marine winch and construction winch solutions for our customers from UAE, and we also offer customized winch for special requirements. If you are looking for a winch, just check the following cases for your reference.

5 Ton Capstan and Marine Electric Winch UAE

The 5 ton electric winch UAE is used on boat. According to customer requirements, the electric marine winch 5 ton has a nominal speed of 9m/min (first layer), drum capacity of 18mm*300m (7 layers), holding load of 150KN, and voltage of 380V/50HZ/3-phase.

The customer purchased two marine winches and a mooring capstan to meet all the requirements. He has purchased from us more than once since he think highly of our winch solutions provided for his business.

marine electric winches and capstan for UAE
marine winches and capstan for UAE

AQ-JM 8 Ton Electric Winch And 10 Ton Electric Winch UAE

These 8 ton and 10 ton electric winches are used to pull various loads and materials on the construction site. According to customer feedback, the electric winches are running well, and the customer is very satisfied with our products and services.

JM10T and JM8T electric winches for UAE
AQ-JM10T and Aq-JM8T electric winches for UAE

Aicrane winch with free spare parts
Aicrane winch with free spare parts

electric winch package
electric winch package

electric winch loading
electric winch loading

Electric Mooring Winches UAE

One of our UAE customers ordered two 5 ton electric marine winches for his boat. The customer told us the winch works reliably and efficiently on the boat, and he would like to order more winch machines for his new boat. We are looking forward to the new cooperation with the customer in the near future.

electric marine winches with warping head for UAE
electric marine winches with warping head for UAE

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Winches Solutions For UAE

We provide a variety of winches for sale in UAE. According to the applications, our winch products mainly fall into three categories:

Aicrane Construction Winch Solutions

Construction winches are used in various engineering projects to lift or pull heavy objects. Aicrane winch construction models mainly include AQ-JM slow speed winch, AQ-JK high speed winch, AQ-JMM slow speed friction winch, AQ-JKL fast speed piling winch, and AQ-JKD series planetary winch.

Check the winch types shown as below to know our main construction types, if you need a winch solution for your business or project, you can just tell us your requirements for a suitable winch recommendation.

AQ-JM slow speed electric winch

AQ-JM Slow Speed Winch

Technical Parameters:
  • Model: AQ-JM
  • Load capacity: 1-200t
  • Rope capacity: 20-3600m
  • Work speed: 5-20m/min (single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
  • Customized solutions provided

AQ-JK electric high speed winch

AQ-JK Fast Speed Winch

Technical Parameters:
  • Model: AQ-JK
  • Load capacity: 1-60t
  • Rope capacity: 20-500m
  • Work speed: 20-35m/min((single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
  • Customized solutions provided

AQ-JKL electric pile winch

AQ-JKL Piling Winch

Technical Parameters:
  • Model: AQ-JKL
  • Load capacity: 1-20t
  • Rope capacity: 20-500m
  • Work speed: 20-36m/min
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
  • Customized solutions provided

AQ-JMM electric friction winch

AQ-JMM Friction Winch

Technical Parameters:
  • Model: AQ-JMM
  • Load capacity: 1-100t
  • Rope capacity: 20-5000m
  • Work speed: 5-20m/min
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
  • Customized solutions provided

Aicrane Mining Winch Designs

Single drum mine winch

single drum mining winch
single drum mine winch

Double drum mine winch

double drum mining winch
double drum mine winch

Aicrane Marine Winch Solutions

Marine winch is used on ships, docks or shore for the purposes of anchoring, mooring or towing. Aicrane marine winches mainly consist of anchor winches, mooring winches, anchor mooring winches, towing winches, positioning winches, marine capstans, etc.

Anchor Winch

Anchor Winch: As the name suggests, anchor winch is mainly used for anchoring operations. There are mainly electric anchor winch, hydraulic anchor winch and diesel anchor winch. The anchor winch can also be with or without gypsy as required, that is to say, there are anchor chain winch and anchor rope winch.

electric anchor winch for sale
electric anchor winch

hydraulic anchor winch
hydraulic anchor winch

diesel anchor winch
diesel anchor winch

Mooring Winch

Aicrane mooring winch can adopt electric, hydraulic or diesel power mode in accordance with the requirements. Usually, hydraulic mooring winch has heavier pulling force than electric mooring winch, and diesel mooring winch is usually used when it is inconvenient to use electricity.

electric mooring winch
electric mooring winch

hydraulic mooring winch
hydraulic mooring winch

diesel mooring winch
diesel mooring winch

Towing Winch

Towing Winch, also known as tugger winch, can be designed with single drum. double drum or multiple drum to suit different requirements, and Aicrane provides electric towing winch, hydraulic towing winch and diesel towing winch. For special requirements, customized tugger winch solutions are provided.

Electric towing winch

towing winches for sale
Towing Winch for Sale

Hydraulic towing winch

hydraulic towing winch
hydraulic towing winch

Marine Capstan

Marine capstan features compact structure, easy installation and operation, wide applications and reasonable price. Aicrane provide different capstan marine solutions for UAE customers, mainly including electric capstan, hydraulic capstan, anchor capstan, mooring capstan, vertical capstan and horizontal capstan. Whatever capstan you need for your business, you can just get the suitable one from Aicrane.

Electric Capstan for Sale

electric capstan for sale
electric capstan

Hydraulic Capstan for Sale
hydraulic capstan for sale
hydraulic capstan

Anchor Capstan for Sale
anchor capstan for sale
anchor capstan

Mooring Capstan for Sale

Aicrane mooring capstan
mooring capstan

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Aicrane Winch Videos

Listed here are winch 3D videos, delivery videos, test videos, running videos, etc. You can watch the videos to learn more about winches.

3D Videos

Aicrane Winches in Factory

Why Choose Winch UAE From Aicrane?

  • Quality winch products: Aicrane winch products meet the stringent quality standards. Our marine winches feature stable and reliable performance, long service life and safe use.
  • Competitive price: We provide reasonable and competitive price. You can get cost-effective winch products from our company.
  • Custom design: With the support of professional design and manufacturing teams, we provide custom design to meet special requirements.
  • Experience and expertise: We have much experience and expertise to help customers select suitable and economical winch system to maximize the work efficiency.
  • Excellent after-sales service: We offer excellent after-sales service, including installation and commissioning, staff training, free technical advisory service, 12-month warranty, etc. We can send our professional engineers to the work site as customers require. Our service is available at 24/7.
  • Aicrane Project Advisors


What Are the Optional Control Methods for Winches?
Our winches are provided with local control by default, and the control button is located outside the electrical box. In addition, according to different customer requirements, we also provide remote control, console operation, etc.
What Are The Differences Between Electric Winch And Hydraulic Winch?

The two types of winches are suitable for different operating conditions and are also determined by the customer’s budget. Generally, electric winch is simple to operate, less expensive and has short delivery time. Hydraulic winch is more suitable for marine environments such as decks and docks. We provide both hydraulic winch and electric winch UAE to suit different work requirements.

Aicrane electric winch design
Aicrane electric winch design

Aicrane hydraulic winch design
Aicrane hydraulic winch design

How to Install The Winch UAE?
The winch is very easy to install. All our winches have been assembled and debugged before delivery. Customers only need to prepare the foundation according to the drawings we provide. After the equipment arrives on site, the user just needs to connect the winch to the local power supply.
Is the Winch Voltage Customizable?
The voltage of our winch is 3phase 380V 50hz by default, but according to the requirements of different countries and regions, 220V-480V, 50hz/60hz can be customized. Customers need to inform the applicable voltage in advance. The winch can be provided with single-phase power, but the production cycle is relatively longer and the power supply is unstable. Therefore, we recommend you to use 3-phase power if possible.
Is The Winch Color Customizable?
The winch color is blue by default. If you have other color requirements or need to print the logo, you can inform in advance, and the service is provided free of charge.
Do You Have An Agent Or Distributor in UAE?
At present, we have offices in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. Many customers from UAE are using our winch equipment including both construction winch and marine winch, you can contact us to get detailed information. We also welcome you to be our agent.

Selection Guide of a Suitable Winch UAE

If you are looking for an electric winch, consider the following things in order to choose a right winch equipment for your work requirements:

  • Determine the basic parameters of the winch, including the rated load or pulling force, working speed, drum capacity, power supply etc.
  • Determine the winch applications, such as lifting, pulling, or used on boats for anchoring, mooring or towing purposes.
  • Determine the drive type: electric, hydraulic or diesel engine.
  • Know clear of the Winch working conditions.
  • Other winch options you may need, such as rope spooling device, grooved drum, drum guard, load limiter, limit switches, band brake, clutches, etc.

Contact Us for Aicrane Winch UAE

We are committed to be one of the reputable and reliable winch suppliers in UAE to serve more customers and provide high cost-effective and suitable winch solutions for the customers. Aicrane has been in winch business for many years and we are professional and experienced in winch design and manufacture. Our winch for sale in UAE has been highly recognized by our customers.

If you are looking for a winch product for your business or project now, please just feel free to contact us, and we promise to offer you the right and reliable winch to meet all your requirements.

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