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YTL Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Tanks Transferring

Recently, we have finished one rubber tyred gantry crane test in our factory before delivery. The rubber gantry crane is YTL type hydraulic gantry crane, its load capacity is 40 ton and its span is 19.8m. This 40 ton TYL rubber tyre gantry crane will be used in our customer’s factory in the US for transferring tanks as required.

40ton rubber gantry crane for US
40ton rubber gantry crane for US

How Did the Customer Find Us?

This customer needed a gantry crane used in their factory, he search the keywords gantry crane on Google, and found Aicrane website, he checked our website and sent us an inquiry with their requirements on the crane. We contacted the customer rapidly after receiving his inquiry.

Cooperation between Aicrane and the Customer

  • At first, we knew that the customer would use the gantry crane to transport tanks in the factory and they need a gantry crane with high mobility. After communicating with the customer thorough, we understood the actual work conditions and the customer’s specific requirements, and we provided a single beam rubber tyred gantry crane solution for him to suit all the work needs.
  • The customer was satisfied with our YTL rubber gantry crane solution and confirmed the order quickly, and then it came to the production stage.
  • During the crane manufacturing, our customer-service team updated the production progress weekly by send pictures and videos to the customer, ensuring the customer knew the whole prodution process. The customer spoke highly of our service.
  • Upon finishing the production, we did the test in the factory and then our shipping departement arranged the whole delivery issues to guarantee the safe and sound shipping to the destination in US.
  • For the installation stage, Aicrane provides both online and on-site installation and commissioning guidance for the customer as required.
rubber tyred crane testing
rubber tyred crane testing
YTL 40ton rubber crane for US
YTL 40ton rubber crane for US

The Travelling Modes of the Rubber Tire Gantry Crane

This single girder rubber tire gantry crane can travel in different ways, mainly including straightforward moving, straightbackward moving, crab steering, all around steering-360°, 90° steering, Ackerman on rear wheel groups, Ackerman on front wheel groups and so on. We provide custom options to suit customers’ special requirements.

Contact Us for a Suitable Crane Solution

As a reliable crane manufacturer and supplier, we provide different solutions to match different work needs. Rubber tyred gantry cranes are widely used in different places to handle various materials, such as in precast yard, factory, warehouse, construction site and more. If you need a suitable rubber gantry cranes, just feel free to contact us without hesitation.

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